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Went back 3 KR Gachapon pages with still to be released or currently released adding in text: Disclaimer: Certain Content May Or May Not Make IT To NA Right Away


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August 29, 1996
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"Darkpixie99 of Nao. You got any problems with my shop, you just leave me a note."
  • Animal Ears

    Miliardo wrote: »
    This has always been a thing that's bugged me in otaku culture. There are so many occurrences of double ears in anime/manga/art.

    Some people have their preferences.

    So then we're going for a toggle in the Options? (Or hotkey like robes on/off.)
  • Undergarment Slot


    Honestly, I feel like this Undergarment Slot idea is both meme worthy, and a potential cash cow equivalent.
    I mean, buying as much virtual underwear for your Mabinogi avatar as you want? Not only that, but for every rebirth outfit you plan?
    (Because you're just that obsessed with fashion?)
    What would sell better alone on the Cash Shop, than an intimates section with a guaranteed panties that has absolutely no status points?

    It also would help them make money after the Senate Bill s.1629 moves along.
    Need I remind Nexon KR?
    (i) DIFFICULTY MODES.—Such term shall not include an add-on transaction to an interactive digital entertainment product that provides the user with access to a new mode of play that makes progression through the content of the product more difficult than it would be without the transaction (as perceived by a reasonable user).
    Well, goodbye Passes. Hello more event drops.

    (ii) COSMETIC ALTERATIONS.—Such term shall not include an add-on transaction to an interactive digital entertainment product whose only effect is to alter a user's visual representation within the game provided that it does not, from the perspective of a reasonable user, provide the user with a competitive advantage over other users who do not make such transaction.
    Goodbye status effects on clothing. Devcat's entire game will have to be re-scripted for the NA release.
    I certainly hope Nexon KR has the funds and time for that.

    (I) eases a user’s progression through content otherwise available within the product without the purchase of such transaction;
    Goodbye Soul Stones and all manner of Potions/Revives. Hello more event drops.

    But then again, it also works for not having to push for a graphics update release for another two to three years.
    And we have seen passes and potions drop more often in events, so those are Cash Shop casualties we currently don't have to worry about losing.
    (Just the money Nexon makes on Loot Box clothes, that's pretty much all that's left to make an alternative for.)
  • Undergarment Slot

    Honestly, this idea only came to me when someone on the discord started complaining about the out of date graphics for underwear. XD
  • Ego update! (G24 Korea)

    TLDR; What Can I Ego?

    -Pivotal Moments Rusted Longsword is NOT egoable

    You Cannot Ego:
    a savage fox's sickle
    Chef's rough touch
    an exploratory knife
    Merlin's Silien Mana Knuckle
    Heart mini-spear
    Saints Guardian Rapier
    Romeo's Rapier
    an exploratory fishing rod
    Telescope of the Romantic Pirates Captain
    sand storm fan
    Songhwa-wol-ryeong debt
    cheerleading fan
    a giant ladle
    toy hammer
    a stuffed teddy bear
    Oracle Sunload Colt

    You Can Ego:
  • VIP/Premium Update

    Negumiko wrote: »
    also just noticed that the normal merchant license in Belvast will only let players make up to 10 mil gold now instead of 20 mil. I assumed Belvast would remain the only with a 20 mil merchant license for free players. this is probably not a very big problem since we have the auction house now but thought it was worth mentioning since some players may overlook this during the free week of VIP. if anyone prefers using a personal shop and wants to make over 10 mil you will need to buy VIP starting on October 24th.

    Must be a preventative measure against bots who have been setting up shop there.