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Went back 3 KR Gachapon pages with still to be released or currently released adding in text: Disclaimer: Certain Content May Or May Not Make IT To NA Right Away


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August 29, 1996
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"Darkpixie99 of Nao. You got any problems with my shop, you just leave me a note."
  • [KR] Sacred Light Box

    *screams internally*

    KR UGC:
  • [UPDATE] Addition of Sales Tax When Purchasing NX

    Habimaru wrote: »
    Fraud is deceit. Deliberate concealment of material information in a setting of fiduciary obligation.

    The language you used seems to indicate that you're angry for some odd reason.
    Had you actually read the page I linked, it does indeed list each qualification, requisites, and the definitions for each subject at hand.
    You seem to be here accusing Nexon of FUD, when in reality, Nexon does have qualified lawyers.
    These lawyers have likely been told by the government that they must give the government rightfully owed taxes.
    There is nothing deceitful about the way Nexon is calculating or collecting tax.
    (Had you actually taken the fives seconds to preview the "Buy NX" in your account.)
    If you don't know the law yourself, then quit arguing with FUD inducing words.

    Here is another (UK based) likely reason as to why countries are stepping up to the video game industry:

  • [KR] Event- Walking on the path of a potter


    Event Notice
    Event Page

    Google Translated:
    Good morning.
    This is Mabinogi GM Anghard .

    Help potter potter to make
    Returning Isle
    #Pottery_chair #unbreakable_porcelain

    ☑ Event period : After inspection on October 1 (Tue), 2019 ~ Before inspection on October 17 (Tue), 2019

    ☑ How to proceed to event
    1) When connecting The Ceramics Scream 'quest will now be issued.
    2) Go to 'NPC Potter Potter' in Dunbarton Square and set a representative character.
    3) Make pottery with the clay and potter's wheel workbench.

    ☑ Event Reward
    -Daily Quest 'Ceramic Craft' completed: 50 clays
    -Achievement Quest 'Ceramic Road' completed (10 times daily quest 'Ceramic Craft' completed): Pottery Chair, Blue Prism Box (Event) 5

    ☑ Details of the event
    1. 100 clays are paid every day at 7am.
    -50 additional clays will be paid for completing daily quests.
    -100 additional clays will be paid on holidays and Saturdays. (At 0am real time)
    * 100 additional clays On Time Date: 10/3 (Thur), 10/5 (Sat), 10/6 (Sun), 10/9 (Wed), 10/12 (Sat), 10/13 (Sun) )
    -The remaining clay in your inventory will be available the next day and will be deleted at the end of the event.
    -Event quests and items (clay, pottery wheel, pottery (grades 1-5)) will be deleted at the end of the event.

    2. Right-click on the potter's wheel workbench and press USE to create a clay pot.
    How to make pottery

    3. Pottery is produced from grades 1 to 5 according to the quality of the porcelain. If you bring the porcelain to NPC porter, you can exchange it for various rewards.
    -Special pottery pieces will gain 10% more exploration experience when sold to NPC shops.
    -A potter's gift box allows you
    to get one of a variety of items, including celadon miniatures, porcelain spinning chairs, luxury clothing bag boxes, and attachable pouches.
    * If you sell a high quality garment bag (10 * 14) to an NPC store, you will get 1 million gold without a bank fee.
    * Broken & Unbroken Heart Bags are private store bags, and you can only have one private store bag.
  • [KR] Sacred Light Box

    News page
    Notes: New lottery UI display, New Outfit Sets, New Wings, New puppets, new halos, new Homestead objects, New chairs, New weapons

    A box containing items filled with divine blessings. Use it to obtain items like the Sacred Miracle Wings, Sacred Light Wings, Sacred Light Outfit, Sacred Light Halo, Support Puppet, Goddess's Miraculous Holy Water, and more!

    Complied list
    -- New Items --
    Aengus Support Puppet
    Midir Support Puppet
    Bodib Support Puppet
    Ancient Aengus Support Puppet
    Ancient Midir Support Puppet
    Ancient Bodib Support Puppet
    Sacred Light Gloves (M/F)
    Sacred Light Shoes (M/F)
    Sacred Light Hat
    Sacred Light Wig (M/F)
    Sacred Light Wig and Hat (M/F)
    Sacred White Miracle Wings
    Sacred Black Miracle Wings
    Sacred Pink Miracle Wings
    Sacred White Light Wings
    Sacred Red Light Wings
    Sacred Gold Light Wings
    Sacred Light Wand
    Sacred Light Spellbook
    Sacred Light Chain Blade
    Sacred Light Dual Gun
    Sacred Light Halo
    Sacred Miracle Halo
    Homestead Shimmering Flower (Type A)
    Homestead Shimmering Flower (Type B )
    Homestead Shimmering Flower (Type C)
    Homestead Goddess's Miraculous Holy Water [*Max Damage +8]
    Homestead Stained Glass
    Homestead Holy Light of Praise
    Sacred Light Coat (M)
    Sacred Light Dress (F)
    Special Sacred Light Coat (M)
    Special Sacred Light Dress (F)
    Tendering Potion Chair
    Holy Lectern
    Sacred Light Swing Chair
    Sacred Light Wand Appearance Scroll
    Sacred Light Chain Blade Appearance Scroll
    Sacred Light Dual Gun Appearance Scroll
  • An alternative to AFK events

    Ancient Treasure Chest Event is a nice dungeon crawling event. Wiki

    The only problem is that many people are now OP and the challenge and adventure is no longer there to run dungeons.

    It's still good for newbies, if ran along another veteran tailored event.