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Went back 3 KR Gachapon pages with still to be released or currently released adding in text: Disclaimer: Certain Content May Or May Not Make IT To NA Right Away


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August 29, 1996
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"Darkpixie99 of Nao. You got any problems with my shop, you just leave me a note."
  • Question about the Merge and Auction market

    Eralea wrote: »
    I had an interesting situation where if I had left my stuff in the AH, I would have gone over the listing limit for my account after merging.
    So I took the things out. Most of them were dead bees at silly prices, anyway.

    Try not to troll the new bots too hard after this...
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - June 3rd

    Sai wrote: »
    I wouildn't mind a delay of a few hours. :)

    Don't jinx it! Never know what might happen. :joy:

  • Get this lootbox out of my game, Senator Hawley?

    Youtube has blown up, and everyone's talking about it.
    Nexon NA and KR, hold onto your knickers!
    No, seriously...
    If this affects the ESRB, then you're going to have two choices:
    Either change the Mabinogi ESRB rating, or hurry up with ditching gachapons and add in the Cash Shop modernization changes.
    (No doubt Belgium has still been complaining after the recent ordeal.)

  • Can It Peria Chronicles?

    Peria Chronicles is a game currently in the (final?) stages of development at Nexon KR.
    Here at NA we have a bunch of questions as to how many objects can be crafted, and how far we can go with the nifty coding feature included in the UGC. If you're interested in playing Peria Chronicles sometime in the future, give this list of zany ideas a try.
    Or, comment down below with a crazy idea of your own.

    Personally, here's a few strange ideas I'd be interested in seeing:
    -Roomba, essentially anything robotic that could resemble one. (Including a UGC NPC cat that rides it. It should please everyone.)
    -A Kirana in a samurai armor.
    -A User Generated chicken NPC named Casual, who always screams "Zelda!" for no reason. (If you can UGC his AI code to be a battle quest as well, that'd be neat.)
    -Any meme UGC'd into an emote has half my respect as a human being. (You can list your suggestions down below, so long as it's not copyrighted.)
  • Something is going on at Nexon HQ from news

    Well, it wasn't really a Disney bid or not bidding. That was all speculation by the media. What was true was the Kim went to Disney as his preferred choice of a buyer. He made an offer and Disney said no thanks. That was all.

    Exactly, the press jumped, and everyone in business ran to the auction to either get a piece of information on the competition, or to compete.

    I believe he got out of his tax evasion mess with no further issues. But the extremely rich tend to run into tax problems because they hardly do their own taxes and there's bound to be some trouble. Tax issues is the exact reason why he's selling. He doesn't want to deal with that anymore.
    DISCLAIMER: since the following post is not made by an employee of Nexon or any of its affiliates or partners, what is contained therein is ultimately speculation. Until Nexon or any of its affiliates or partners has spoken definitively on the matters to be discussed, do not take them as granted, even if the language used happens to make it seem so.

    That disclaimer comes in handy when you're nothing but a common citizen.
    For all we know, the confidential issues could've been legal trouble or official consultation with a businesses tax legal expert.
    But for the benefit of the doubt, let's say that the money was easy to pay off.
    If there was the issue of remaining taxes, then the high tax value might also explain the lowball bids.
    Especially more so if your country's money is of different value, and the tax value fluctuates for the acquisition as well.

    "According to the investment banking industry on Thursday, Deutsche Bank & Morgan Stanley, the controlling shareholder of Nexon, announced that it would postpone its bid for the 15th day of the nomination to Nexon as a qualified candidate for short selling."
    "The reason for the delay was that some of the candidates asked Nexon to delay the main bidding schedule, and it was reported that the final decision was made on the timing of the trial by coordinating with the candidate."

    I done been dumb to speculate, here's the 5/14th delay to 5/24 article.
    So my "whiners confirmed" theory still holds some thread...


    *Double Edit*

    "Nexon extended to 31 days ... Encouraging Global Investor Engagement"

    According to the article:
    "Nexon 's new master plan to find a new owner was extended to 31 days. To encourage the participation of global strategic investors.
    According to industry sources, Deutsche Securities New York and Morgan Stanley Menlo Park branches, Nexon's chief operating officer, have extended their agenda from April 24 to 31.
    Currently, prospective bidders who are willing to bid for bidding are domestic private fund MBK Partners, US-based Cole Burke Crevis Roberts (KKR) and domestic game companies Cacao and Net Marble.
    Nexon's sale will likely be prolonged as the main bidding is postponed several times. Nexon has already been postponed from 15th to 24th this month.*"
    (*)Press speculation (Not helpful)

    Just sell it already... yeesh. Wait, that says April. Where's May? (Typo? Google Translate error?)