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  • [OPEN] Mistreil's Art Shop [Nao]

    Imaizumi wrote: »
    IGN: Wakasagihime
    Server: Alexina
    Type: Bust
    Payment: 5m
    Additional Details: Since I'm on Alexina, I'll be using the gold transfer service to pay you. I'll pay upfront after being accepted~

    Thank you!

    Accepted~ Thank you! 'w')b I'll start it on the weekend since I'm working until then \o/

    EDIT: Payment received! Thank you 'w')9 I'll post the sketch either tomorrow night or Saturday!
  • [OPEN] Mistreil's Art Shop [Nao]

    Mistreil (Nao) - Mistreil#0809 (Discord) - twitter - tumblr

    Hi! I've just come back to Mabi recently (used to post here... like 4 years ago?), and decided to open up an art shop to waste away on clothes.

    I have 3 types of art I'm offering: illustrations, sprites, and emotes.


    More in a comment below.

    Pricing (per Character)
    • Bust/Shoulders-Up: 5m
    • Waist-up: 15m
    • Full Body: 30m
    • [NEW] Add blinking animation: +10m

    If you only want a sketch (without colouring), then it's half the price. These prices are on a per-character basis (so if you order 2 fullbodies, it's 60m).
    The blinking animation is just a flat 10m fee (5m if it's just a sketch).

    Animated Busts [New / Temporary]
    I'm going to open up 1 slot for an animated bust:
    • See the above spoiler for examples of what I'll do -- we can talk about the animation you want.
    • An uncoloured animation will be at least 35m, depending on character complexity/animation complexity. We can talk about the pricing too.
    • A coloured animation is 2x the price of the uncoloured version -- you can decide whether you want it coloured or not after receiving the uncoloured animation.
    I might eventually open commissions for just blinking animations (which would be a lot cheaper), but I'm not too interested in doing those right now. \o/

    cynsprite.gif cierza_sprite.gif

    Pricing (per Sprite)
    • Unanimated: 1m
    • Basic animation (bouncing, etc.): 3m

    If you want a specific animation or pose, let me know. If you want a more complicated sprite animation, I can do those too -- just give me an idea of what you want and we can figure out the pricing.


    Pricing (per Emote)
    • Unanimated: 2m
    • Animated: Let me know what you want -- if it's something simple (like the rainbow dabbing one), then it'll just be an additional 1m (i.e. 3m in total).

    If you're requesting an emote, you can either give me a reference for what pose/expression/etc. you want, or just a general description and I'll try to figure it out.

    Type: (Bust/Waist-up/Full Body/Sprite/Emote/etc.)
    Additional Details:

    1. Hibiki - Emotes x5 (Pending Details)
    3. [open]
    4. [open]
    5. [open]
    (Animation). [Reserved for Alynnia]

    Finished Commissions
    Imaizumi - Bust (5m)
    Chiku - Bust (5m)
    Imaizumi - Waist-up (15m)

    General Info
    • Payment first - If you're wary, I can also send a watermarked sketch before you send the payment. Just talk to me and we can work something out 'w')b In all cases, I'll send a sketch before I start colouring.
    • I usually finish commissions within a week, depending on how busy I am.
    • I'll accept NX/Paypal as payment ($1 = 1k NX = 1m Gold)
    • See "Item Payments" for a list of items that I'll also accept as payment.

    Item Payments
    If you have any of the below items, I'll also accept those as payment priced at whatever their gold value is. I've listed recent prices for the ones I could find for convenience, but I like getting items more than gold, so I'm more than happy to value them at higher (e.g. if an item's worth 700k, I'm good with rounding it to 1m, 3m to 5m, etc. Just ask!).

    Items marked with a * are items that I really want/need, so we can say those are worth much more than their market value. 'w')b

    Training Potions
    • Earth Alchemy (500k) x6
    • Any/all chain blade training potions (except: Chain Blade Mastery and Dorcha Conversion)

    • Eluned Loose-fit Knitwear (M)* - Will draw a full body for this.
    • Abaddon Sovereign Wear (M)*
    • Ruby Adorned Alchemist Suit (M)
    • Sheep Sonata Outfit (M)
    • Astrologer Outfit (8m)
    • Venom Sword* (10m)

    • Starry Lights Birdcage Seat (5m)
    • Chess Throne (5m)

    Homestead Items
    • Homestead Halloween Cat **
    • Homestead Winter Royal Garden* (30m)
    • Wisteria House Construction Set* (15m)
    • Magic Fractal Well (20m)
    • Homestead Oriental Pond (10m)
    • Erinn Resident Pink Bean (1m)
    • Homestead Macaron Pile
    • Homestead Luna Fairy Street Light (Any Colour)* (2m)
    • Homestead Luna Fairy Swing*
    • Homestead Luna Fairy Pond Model* (15m)
    • Homestead Blue Goldfish Lamp* (1m)
    • Homestead Large Goldfish Lamp (1m)
    • Homestead Small Goldfish Lamp (1m)
    • Homestead Goldfish Trio Lamp (1m)
    • Homestead Heavenly Flowerbed* (4m)
    • Homestead Heavenly Waterfall* (7m)
    • Homestead Festia Landmark
    • Homestead Mabiland Stage Drop (500k)
    • Homestead Housing Bear Rug and Wildflower Pattern Wallpaper* (5m)
    • Homestead Housing Wooden Desk (5m)
    • Homestead Oriental Gazebo (1m)
    • Homestead Cherry Blossom Tree and Pond (10m)
    • Dressy Figure (1m)
    • Healthy Figure (1m)
    • Melty Figure (1m)
    • Munchy Figure (1m)
    • Woody Figure (1m)
    • Floral Healthy Sequel Figure (2m)
    • Floral Melty Sequel Figure (2m)
    • Homestead Fairy Garden (2m)
    • Talamh Sequel Figure (2m)
    • Teine Sequel Figure (2m)
    • Uisce Sequel Figure (2m)
    • Gaoth Sequel Figure (2m)
    • Solas Sequel Figure (2m)
    • Oidhche Sequel Figure (2m)
    • Homestead Hapless Far Darrig Figure (3m)
    • Homestead Blue Far Darrig Figure (3m)
    • Homestead Green Far Darrig Figure (3m)
    • Homestead Pink Far Darrig Figure (3m)
    • Homestead Halloween Pumpkins
    • Homestead Pancake and Kupa
    • Homestead Summoning Cauldron
    • Homestead Sweet Treats
    • Mafia Tableau
    • Gift Pile