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  • Reset Commerce Prices and Stock During Maintenance

    Time to initiate request: Revamp The Commerce Trade System

    Honestly, yes please. I saw a post about this before writing my own where somebody suggested large-scale commerce in Iria, more diversity in commerce mounts than just "Fast horse" and "Big load bearing elephant," as well as consistent stock resets preventing the same problem that happened when the enchants were introduced.

    I mean, just imagine buying Elephant Taming Bait from Cor Village and traveling on the back of a flying pack-reindeer to sell them in Port Qilla. Who wouldn't spend money if Nexon releases something huge like that, or at least what I'm imagining out of it.

  • Reset Commerce Prices and Stock During Maintenance

    Keep in mind, there are a few threads out there asking for very similar things to this: I'm just trying to keep the issue out in the open in order to make sure this gets seen by somebody in the Nexon team who can make it happen.

    I personally would like to see a reset in all of the prices and stock of goods everywhere where commerce is done in order to negate the damage that happened back when commerce enchantments were running rampant. I'm honestly not sure why any single being at Nexon decided to paint over the third degree burn they caused when introducing those enchantments rather than treating the problem and bringing Commerce back to its former light.

    As of right now, at least in the Alexina server, commerce prices are astray in a variety of ways. Certain places are both difficult to make progress in and are extremely unrewarding with their limited and tier 4 goods (Looking at you, Belvast). Almost all of the tier 4 goods are inferior to those below them, causing trips with such goods to simultaneously become more dangerous and less profitable. This includes Skeleton Ogre Armor, Triple Pasta, Wild Ginseng Potions, Highlander Ore and Jelly Fish. This is also a problem with a few Tier 2-3 goods being worse than those below them, but far less so. A few goods, namely Safes and Skele Ogre Armor, are literally impossible to make profit on. They are in a permanent state of negative profit everywhere, shy of the smuggler.

    Quite literally the only thing preventing me from wanting to spend money on the game is the lack of attention the developers give to mechanics such as commerce, dungeoneering and crafting. The latter two aren't a point of this thread, but still relevant to the game. Any insight as to why it hasn't been fixed, points I may have overlooked and corrections on things I got wrong are very welcome.