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August 1, 1999
  • Thank you!

    Neyna wrote: »
    Aww thank you so much!
    She's really adorable ♥
    If you ever decide to open an art shop, please let me know! (that is if I still have some funds remaining)

    No problem! I was super inspired by her!

    I'm actually planning to open an art shop sooner than I had anticipated since other people were wanting full illustrations too. I just need to figure out prices since my old ones are outdated from server merge and skill level.

    I'll just convert this thread when I do. Huzzah, the forum titles can finally be edited! :D
  • Thank you!

    She is so cute! Here is a sketch~
    Imaizumi wrote: »
    Hihi I'm glad my character caught your eye in your last thread because your style is super cute!!! Really like the pose you gave her too c:
    Thank you for the freebie! <3 Hope your thread goes well and your shop too if you decide to open one :>

    Thank you so much! I'm very excited to be back, and your character was super inspiring!
    Sparkles wrote: »
    Hello Celestewen, I'm Moechan from Ruairi originally. I really love you style and I was wondering if an art trade would interest you. I'm trying to get back into drawing but don't have very many new ideas. If it's easier we could talk about it here or on discord. (Ps. I don't really know how to post pics online anymore now that photobucket is practically not a choice anymore. ^^;;; )

    Heya Moechan! Thanks so much! I'd love to do an art trade! My Discord is Celestewen#4438 if it's easier for you. I always used Imgur to post pictures online, or Deviantart. This is going to be awesome! :D
  • Thank you!

    Hello again!

    I wanted to thank this community again for being an amazing support to artists both seasoned and new. Some of my biggest epiphanies as a learning illustrator were caused because of commissions on Tarlach and the other servers. I'm Celestewen on Nao - Still feels weird not to say that Tarlach is my server, but the merge means more opportunities for friendship! Drop your ref below and I may sketch your character! :D

    Thanks again!

  • Returning Artist


    I heard the news of the server merge and it reminded me of all the wonderful memories this forum brought me. After almost 4 years I really miss making artwork of all y’all. I left when my folks' decided I was spending too much time playing games instead of focusing on getting into college…

    WELL I’m in my junior year now, and I have improved so much since my first threads on this forum. If anyone remembers that they commissioned me please let me know, I honestly can’t remember and came back on a whim. I sincerely apologize if anyone has waited this long, but my mind slips more than most. >.<

    If you remember me I’d love to chat too, a lot has happened! Thank you to everyone who helped encourage me to become an artist. I would love to do some new Mabi sketches for old times sake if you want to leave screenshots of your character below!

    Thanks for reading!