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  • Together in Erinn


    If there is lag they will add more channels. If you must be on channel 1, and only channel 1, all the time, well, then you're not gonna be happy.[/quote]

    I play on Channel 4, I only go on Channel 1 when I want to shop and I definitely don't stay there any longer than I have to.
  • Together in Erinn

    Greta wrote: »
    I'm probably the minority here, but these news literally made me upset to the point i'm thinking about quitting Mabinogi for real now. I don't need this merge, i'm not into mood getting botched names and other crap that might break after merge.

    P.S: At this point, i'm giving Mabinogi NA another ~5 years until it's demise. The merge to one server will really show how this game is going to turn totally dead months/years after and there will be no other way to save it anymore.

    Nah, you're not the only one. I definitely am not happy about it either. I'm worried about what Nexon is gonna mess up this time around. I wish they'd leave well enough alone. Not to mention the lag it's gonna bring. I brought this up before, but Mabi can lag my computer when there's not a whole lot of people around, but it's definitely worse when there's more people. Then, everybody and their brother makes alts that create even more lag and block NPCs, which is SUPER annoying. I'm definitely not looking forward to this at all... And really, we can't even keep our names if we're from Alexina? Good job, Nexon, you've done it again. That isn't fair at all. -_-
  • Couple's Flight and Sweetheart's Flight Animations

    I know this post was from a while back, but I couldn't agree more! Also, I wish they had more idle poses for people who fly alone. But it IS couples flight, after all, so I'm not expecting much on that part. It would be nice, though, to not look at my friends like I just got struck by Cupid's arrow lol.
  • Moonlight Hammer Ferghus Doll Bag Coupon

    Ah, thank you! I forgot about the storage chests.