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  • Gold limit why is there a gold limit?

    I remember reading how people complained that the economy of Nao was really disrupted by the merge, I'm almost certain its because of the gold hoarders' having all of their characters all merged onto one server allowing them to have higher gold caps than ever... Well, I'm sure its safe to assume that it certainly played a role in all of that at the very least. That and people knew it was coming, everyone would have been hoarding at that point.

    I think Mabinogi has a strange mix of an item based economy and a gold based one, gold isn't worthless, far from it, but the inflation has taken its toll. I remember saving up for a set of NPC armour 10 years ago, I can easily buy a hundred of them now if i wanted to ... what? I'm not rich! Nowadays, items are my most valued possessions.
  • WYALT - What You Are Listening To

    Bet you haven't heard of these guys before, they are Tuareg people, nomads from north africa, interesting mix of blues/rock and traditional style of music. They sing in their native language of the same name, tuareg.

  • A mabinogi single-player game? Combo Improvements?

    I'm thinking something similar to this game i just discovered a second ago called Genshin Impact. I know very little about it but the art style ... it appears to be heavily influenced by Breath of the Wild. I could totally see a Mabinogi style game pull quite a bit of influence from either one. I realize now that this is somewhat off topic since its not a real suggestion for what we have currently, just a fantasy of what could be if the devs could expand out into new territory, and capability.

    I could totally see a new story featuring a new cast of characters, maybe with the millitian as the villain even. Or keep it like this new Genshin Impact style that i have not seen a whole lot of. I already know this style of gameplay is not new, I just live under a rock. Being able to switch between a melee fighter like Ruairi, over to Mari, and then Tarlach on the fly could be a lot of fun ... and all together in one stringed combo no less.

    Maybe the current game can pull some of those ideas, like being able to combo transformation skills. I know combos are already part of the game but what we have is currently is more like an old school fighting game where combo-ing was found out by accident. Less of a product of game design and more of as a side effect of the games current combat mechanics. What I'm asking for is intentionally stringed combos with new animations, more like a proper action game akin to Vindictus ... Then again I guess it would take away the "uniqueness" from our current build. Still, one can dream.

    Sorry for the long read.
    If anyone has any ideas for improving the combat system, or even just a new style of gameplay, please share!
  • Spooky Halloween Screenshot Contest Submissions


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