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  • Two Sentence Horror Story: Mabinogi Edition

    At the dawn of Alban Eiler I get my tools ready, with my expensive materials to craft the gear I always wanted. But then, I hear the horrible cackling of the ghost called "1% failure", and the materials on my hands just vanish to the void...

    Server: Alexina
    IGN: Alaguesia
  • Doll Bags and Hillwen

    Both ingredient and fynn crystal collection dolls will be available I think, we just don't have that gacha yet
    Eiren is the one who collects food, Fodla collects fynni gems if I understood correctly, not sure
  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Alaguesia
    Server: Alexina

    My new title

    I stared at the golden stream of honey beneath my feet, and then stared at the empty bottle on my hands. I dipped the bottle again in the honey, I don’t know which attempt this is, but again when I took the bottle out of the stream, it was empty.

    Why? Why does this happen to me? The honey it’s right there, I can feel it with my hands, my bottle has no holes, and I have checked multiple times to see if I mistakenly dipped it with the lid, but there is no lid. I am going insane? I am really a divinity who fails at picking honey from a stream? Are the fairies playing tricks on me, so the honey doesn’t go inside? Maybe I’m hallucinating and the bottle has honey inside… Yes that must be it. I threw the empty bottle into the cauldron along some ingredients, but all that came out was black smoke.

    This is not the first time black smoke has come out of that cauldron, I started reminiscing about all those times I failed Fynn Crafting while having the right ingredients and many experts on the skill beside me, yet despite the favorable odds, I manage to fail many times, consecutively.

    A friend that witnessed my honey nightmare invited me to fight Kerune, and after a few hours we got in some beads in our hands, which I promptly destroyed while burnishing. My friend stared at me in disbelief, how could I fail at something so easy? Who destroys stuff while burnishing?

    I am the famous Milletian, you might have heard about me with many titles added to my name, from the one who rescued the goddess to the new divinity, but perhaps “Pet Handler Ferghus” might become the most recent one.
  • Pet Trainer Event Weekly Challenge heads up.

    I think it's a visual glitch, at least on my end I tried this since I hatched a rank A earlier this week, and indeed as soon as I completed the hatching for C-B the rank A appeared already completed without awarding any coins, sent a ticket earlier. Now, I had a rank A in the process of hatching from yesterday, and as soon as I took it from the cage, I get this message:


    I'm assuming its those 150 from the challenge despite being completed, since all I did was taking the rank A from the cage.