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IGN: Arteus
  • Dwarf Race Generation Update

    Dwarf race, west mountains for Ullad.

    Dwarfs smaller than humans and elves (small legs)
    Walks Faster than the elves

    - Only Crossbow Ranged (No bows)
    - Dual Wield Axe
    - Charge without shield
    - Stomp & Windguard (shared with giants)
    - Dwarfen Lance (No minimum range)
    - Dwarf Rapier And scyth works with All melle skills)
    - Dwarf Exclusive skills

    - Tumble (Works without knuckles Dwarf exclusive)
    - Assaulth slash (enemy doesnt need to be knocked down, Dwarf exclusive)

    Dwarf transformation Dragon (wings, claws, tail)
    Dwarf Transformation Skill (active): Claw charge attack.
    Dwarf Mytril (active) (Random Magic,melee or ranged heavy standart 3)

    New items:
    - Single Handgun (Second equip slot instead of shield)(works with single hand: axe, blunt, sword, cylinder, chain equip.

    - Tempest Blade: (Works as wind wand, casting wind int magic)

    New Skills

    (Dual gun)
    - *Exploding projectile (Dual gun skill)(Works with second equip hand gun)
    Second equip handgun (instead of shield)(combined with axe, blunt, sword or wand)

    - Arrow Barage: Shoot 6 arrows at once. (stuns)(No knockback/knockdown)
    - *Exploding arrow (crosbow only) (Elf and dwarf exclusive)

    - *Trowing Axe: Dwarf Exclusive (Requires axe dual wielding)
    - *Dwarf leap: Leaps onto enemy similar to assault slash (no enemy knock down requirement)

    - *Dwarfen rage: They drink exesivly and rage: strength and will buff and knockdown immunity, 20% chance of going lethargic recovering hp wounds, stamina and mana. (Dwarf exclusive)

    *Exploding vate: Rolls a beer vate with explosives over the floor.
    (Dwarf exclusive)

    - *Dwarfen windmill: Can move around while spinning (like windmill).

    - Sprint: 70% Movement speed, 20% stamina per second. Duration 3-10 seconds.

    (Martial arts)
    *Dwarfen pummel: (Pummel activated without chain 1 and 2 necisairy)(Works with any weapon, but barehanded damage is calculated)


    - Gust bolt: all bolts unload, 1 charge pushback, pushback range increases per charge, 3rd 4th and 5th charge create small tornado, keeping enemy stunned in small tornado with dmg per second.

    - Cyclone (Wand/stave) Horizontal Cyclone/tornado, dragging enemies into the horizontal line, stunning them.

    - Tornado (Stave) Large Tornado, dragging enemies into the center stunned.

    - Larger Friendlist
    - New dungeons West Ullad