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  • Server Merge? Yes PLEASE

    Janghala wrote: »
    *sigh* I'm not happy guys. I've invested so much time, money, and energy in this game. Yet, I have no one to share the fruits of my labor with. My server has been on life support for the longest time now, and I'm honestly ready to give up. The server population issue is a wound that continues to be left to fester. Countless times have countless people petitioned Nexon to merge the servers, or at least allow players to transfer to a different server, and countless times have their voices fallen on deaf ears. Nothing is being done. So in one final, desperate attempt to reach anyone that might listen to our pleas for change, I will propose a new solution to this ongoing issue. I propose a server shuffle. Its different from a server merge, or a server transfer, in the sense that the current servers will only be replaced by new servers. From these new servers players will be be able to anonymously transfer all their existing data. Players will be given notice of the server transfer in advance so as to coordinate who they'd like to play with. As for the "same name" issue; I propose that all players be obligated to choose a new name after the server shuffle takes place. I understand that many people wish to retain their current names, because its something that any player comes to consider as being part of their identity. To resolve this issue I might suggest that older players be given priority in some regard to this matter, but all players be given the option to reserve names in advance in some capacity. It's time for a new beginning. The time of the Three Lost Warriors is over, and their respective servers should have ended with them. Only in death can new life be born.

    This doesn't sound like a good idea. Not only does it sound like more work than a server merge, but forcing everyone to rename everything (obligated to make it different?) sounds unnecessary. This is basically the same thing as a merge except instead of merging to one server we have multiple for some reason. Also it's pretty coincidental to see two Server Merge threads posted at the same time on the same day by users with 1 post.
  • Jacca Letters

    When you destroy letters you make Jacca and Tibby sad.
  • Squire Likability

    No, Iyasenu is correct. Some of the levels lower than 5 are out of numbers other than 100. For levels out of 300, it would appear a correct answer is only worth 1% but if you look at the actual likeability it went up by 3.
  • What's the best pathway to get good DPS on an Elf?

    Regarding your AP question, there is one event going on right now that gives a free rebirth potion every weekend and another that gives more than enough coins to purchase the equivalent of an AP 50 potion every day. If you're looking for fast AP I suggest taking advantage of these events while they still last. Additionally, I suggest you pay a visit to Avalon Gate and try the Baltane Missions, in particular the missions Nowhere to Run and Gatekeeper. The monsters give high exp values which can be increased further by purchasing Baltane Crystals from Shuan. It isn't too difficult to reach level 100 or even level 150 in Elite Mode each weekly rebirth if you have good enough skills. Divine Link goes a long way.
  • Hype event gives less than what it says.

    A lot of us noticed a few days ago that it seems to list the total prizes rather than how many you get at each point. My theory is that it was originally supposed to work like the Chain Reaction coins from Chain Slash update where it gives a final reward based on total number of coins but was at some point changed to the incremental quests instead.