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  • People's favorite aspects of the game...

    I've been playing this game for years and I have to say thay I'll never truly leave mabinogi. Just hearing the main theme hits me with a feel of nostalgia, like as if I just got home. Sure the game has some toxic people in it but what game doesn't? Putting those aside I truly find myself having a good time. There are certain trials that I struggle with *cough* Dan 3 Healing Test and find myself raging but it feels so damn good when I finally beat it.

    But despite the game's brutal trials I manage to also have some great fun memories with my guildies. Next I want to get in to one of my favorite features in the game which is cooking. I have yet to play a game where I can measure my meals to create the food. I played a few where you just gather the food, press craft and boom you watch your character cook. But Mabinogi is different, I really enjoy finding the ingredients and putting them into a dish. I know the majority of the dishes don't have great stats but it's still fun to me nonetheless.

    Next I want to get into customization, I'm very picky on customization. I have played games where you can't remove shoes or gloves because it has to be one set item. I can't get into those games, I like being able to mix and match to make something creative and style the outfit. The dye system makes it to where you can dye nearly any outfit to colors you'd like. I know a lot of people dislike mabi for their reasons and thats fine but as for me, I find myself having a jolly good time.
  • So, Lets talk Veteran dungeons...

    Mizuko wrote: »
    The rewards so far have been disappointing to me even though I ran into Bloodstone. It's too early to tell since we haven't covered all of the daily veteran dungeon runs.

    I ran it once and wasn't impressed with the reward lol I was like yeeeeah no, not doing this again. :/ rather run baltane missions and have my dolls pick up tons of gems.
  • Training Rebalancing

    I personally don't have a problem with the training, the last fishing event we had gave me like 15 (1 Day) Ninja potions, then I have like 25 (1 hour) all skill potion. Get to level 150 and you get 1.7 XP and then theres the ninja talent that gives 2XP. With all that it gets super easy to rank within an hour or two. My only issue right now is ap. :x
  • Got New Butler Partner - Levi Cosplay Suggestions~

    I really like the second one of the first pic. :o very nice cosplay.
  • This event daily quest.

    Kaaros wrote: »
    Shakaya wrote: »
    It only takes me about a half hour to do all the gathering, it's not that bad :o

    It sure feeeeeeeeels longer. Like a mentally draining slog.

    Pretty much, it's not hard it's just boring, tedious and mentally draining.