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  • People's favorite aspects of the game...

    Sherri wrote: »
    PumpkinRio wrote: »
    I've been playing this game for years and I have to say thay I'll never truly leave mabinogi. Just hearing the main theme hits me with a feel of nostalgia, like as if I just got home. Sure the game has some toxic people in it but what game doesn't? Putting those aside I truly find myself having a good time. There are certain trials that I struggle with *cough* Dan 3 Healing Test and find myself raging but it feels so damn good when I finally beat it.

    But despite the game's brutal trials I manage to also have some great fun memories with my guildies. Next I want to get in to one of my favorite features in the game which is cooking. I have yet to play a game where I can measure my meals to create the food. I played a few where you just gather the food, press craft and boom you watch your character cook. But Mabinogi is different, I really enjoy finding the ingredients and putting them into a dish. I know the majority of the dishes don't have great stats but it's still fun to me nonetheless.

    Next I want to get into customization, I'm very picky on customization. I have played games where you can't remove shoes or gloves because it has to be one set item. I can't get into those games, I like being able to mix and match to make something creative and style the outfit. The dye system makes it to where you can dye nearly any outfit to colors you'd like. I know a lot of people dislike mabi for their reasons and thats fine but as for me, I find myself having a jolly good time.

    My only issue is that they have to put the Style Tab behind a paywall. I'm hoping they'll remove it one day like they did with Inventory Plus.
    Other than that, I agree for sure, it's one of my big reasons for loving Mabinogi :D
    I'm also trying to get into cooking myself, I've always avoided it because it seemed like too much of a hassle to make one thing but I might change my mind if I get into it? At least I hope :o

    As a person that has cooking Grand Mastered the best advice I can give you is make plenty of space dedicated just for ingredients. It becomes so easy to make dishes when you know where your stuff is to grab them and cook them. Also look up the dishes on wiki, for some reason the percentages in the game aren't accurate. Follow the wiki's percentages and you'll be nailing 4 star.
  • Winter Master Plan Events 2019

    Someboy wrote: »
    This is going to be a crazy event, I'm not sure I'm even ready lol

    Right!? I'm so excited for this, I'm still here awake like;
  • Why do Milletians Leave so Much Gold on da Ground?

    Helsa wrote: »
    Nilrem wrote: »
    Hey, if people don't take the gold, more for the people that actually do pick it up.

    Well, exactly. I don't know how many times I've gone dungeoning with some random person who turns out to be a show-off, who takes all the kills and speed runs through it. I just let them go on their merry way, and clean up after them.

    You mean something like this? XD
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  • moonlight coins per day

    Sherri wrote: »
    by the way (sorry for the double post buut) how many coins would one have if they did the event every day? I wanna make sure I did but idk if I did because of my goldfish memory lel
    I have 192 coins on me right now..

    So far I calculated 412, including the 40 that the event gives you.
  • Dissapointment

    Nothing wrong with a little waiting, you could always go watch Stranger Things on Netflix. It's a really good series and its an hour per episode.