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People will only listen to reason after they run out of crazy.
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[Mari Server] Characters: Naiya, Feynara, Lilanya, and a dozen other alts that only exist for bankspace
  • Phoenix Egg Hatching Event

    *right-clicks egg, pushes "Destroy" button*

    Not worth the time.
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  • Acquiring Chain Slash skills

    Can I give it a -5?


    I hate the missions. I hate repetition in general. I hate having to repeat them 20-30 times just to get the page to drop from a mob one of the squires kills so I can't pick it up. I hate the 0.2% drop rate. I hate how the chests from Round Table refuse to give me outfits instead of useless junk like broken guardian weapons (seriously, I've gotten the whole set). I hate that I've run dungeons 50 times trying to find crystal 5 from dead-end chests and it still won't drop. And I hate that I've killed over 200 ancients and still haven't gotten that crystal either.


    I have better things to do than fight the RNG for 250 hours.
  • Gambling Simulator 2017?

    150-200 people with loose wallets and pursestrings are keeping this game alive. Think on that for a while.
  • Firebolt Dan 3

    Dan 3 firebolt is doable if you don't actually try to kill everything in the test with it. Wipe out the trash in the first three waves with ice/lightning fusionbolt as quick as possible, aiming to get to the endlessly respawning golems with 3 minutes left. Then just spam singlecast firebolts on the crystal golems as fast as you possibly can (snapcast a 5-charge when possible); you should rack up 10000+ points before time runs out, and the damage bonus will push you to victory.

    Icebolt and Lightning Bolt, though...I see no path to victory. Because of mana reflector, you get one or two casts in on the golems and then you get punched in the face.
  • Mabinogi Book Club

    Sherri wrote: »
    I really love the story you are doing so far! I'd read everyone elses, but I've only read yours since you had it saved on paste bin.
    I hope you do update it soon on paste bin, I'd love to read all of it. Hopefully I'll be able to read everyone's stories too. :D

    Actually, I was just getting around to doing that today, and I should have all the expired chapters (up to 44) on my pastebin in the next few hours. I'd let it slide since, well, nobody was reading it, but since the story ended a major plot arc, I figured it was time to get it caught up.

    Sherri wrote: »
    I was writing a new story, got all 40 lines and it took me like an hour.
    When I finished, though.. even though I saved it as a draft like five times, it only saved like three scenes.

    I'm never using that again. I'm going to put every single thing on a notepad because this is ridiculous.

    I do the same thing for the exact same reason. :/
    I do all the writing in Notepad++ and just copy/paste it into the game, with notes for background changes, character portraits, and music.