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People will only listen to reason after they run out of crazy.
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[Mari Server] Characters: Naiya, Feynara, Lilanya, and a dozen other alts that only exist for bankspace
  • Grandmaster Title

    There are people who have already gotten grandmaster in all 19 talents, because they hate having anything left undone and have way too much gold for their own good.
  • Hunger is nonexistant

    The problem is that hunger is linear and point-based, kind of like wounds work, but for stamina, and most of us these days have way over 1000 max stamina (if not 2000). Start up a new character, and you'll get hungry real quick. Sit on your old established character and it'll take literal real-time days to get down to 50%. Scaling just never occurred to the original designers, who had no idea how much powercreep they'd be dealing with 10 years down the road.
  • did Mabi just die?

    It's not just the game, it seems like all of Nexon's authentication servers are b0rken. Can't log in on the Nexon launcher, it just sits there busy when I put my details in and never connects.

    The wiki's server status gizmo isn't working right either.
  • Is Mabiwiki completely broken for everyone

    This is what happens when your game's wiki is administrated by people who don't actually play the game anymore.
  • How many more years do you think Mabi has left?

    As long as Nexon keeps their core cadre of whales happy and paying, with plenty of shiny things to indulge their neophilia on, the game's financial standing should hold...for a while. The game's player base continues to shrink 3-5% a month, though, and that can only continue for so long. New content brings a spike of people back temporarily, but fails to retain them, as most people still around are pretty much in "AFK until new stuff" mode, and it seems new things to do are just a distraction from AFKnogi so they blow through it as quick as possible so they can go back to having nothing to do again.

    TL;DR: The NA servers will last as long as there are enough people paying to not play and leave their character sitting AFK in Dunbarton/Belvast with the newest shiny things, and no longer than that. The KR/JP servers will hold out a few years longer than that.