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[Mari Server] Characters: Naiya, Feynara, Lilanya, and a dozen other alts that only exist for bankspace
  • Mabinogi Book Club

    Sherri wrote: »
    I'm trying to make a new novel! Except.. does anyone know how to edit an already existing dialogue? It keeps making new ones instead of editing the one I select? I'm sorry for my stupid question. xP

    Unfortunately, you can't go back and edit a dialogue after you've added it—not without deleting it and everything after it, and then re-doing it all. The cursor will just be stuck at the beginning. -_-x

    This is why I do my writing in an external application (I use Notepad++), then copy/paste it into the game when it's time to post a new chapter. Along with the lines of dialogue, I note changes in background/cut-in portraits/music. 90% of the work is done before I even open the in-game editor.

  • Year Long Phoenix Event?!

    Useless junk.
    I'm just going to sign up a bank space alt I never log in on to be the egg recipient, so I don't have to put up with this.
  • Math Musical Dungeon

    It was sort of interesting the first couple of times, but considering it's the same puzzles every time, it gets very tedious very fast, and repetition drives me mad.
  • Mission Point End Date?

    At the least, there could have been a notice on the patcher to clarify the event's end date, since the misleading time left in-game was a known issue. Nexon is not blameless here and they made a poor assumption to think everyone keeps a watchful eye on the forums.

    I probably had a total of 40000 points across all my characters, lucky I spent them in time.