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  • Please merge Alexina and Nao Mk XI

    And now it's time for me to give my response I give to this thread every time I see it... Merging the servers is a temporary solution to a much deeper problem that won't be fixed if this comes to pass. It's like trying to treat a gaping wound with a bandaid. It's just not enough to fix the problem.

    The problem isn't that the servers need to merge. It's the fact that the game is dying and no one wants to just let the game die. This game honestly needs to call it a day and move on, or it needs to figure out what's making people leave the game (which is why the servers are "dead"). This game wouldn't need a server merge if they could bring in enough people to fill the servers.

    The game just isn't played anymore by a majority of the people who used to play this game. I mean, if you were a new person looking for a game to play and you didn't have any data on this game... Let's be perfectly honest, you'd probably not play it for long because at this point, the game is unbalanced or unfair in almost every area of gameplay (Sometimes intentional, sometimes the result of things updated in the game that makes older content irrelevant), you can't do some things without knowing the right people (For example, you will never run Tech Duinn missions unless you have friends that run it with you, because most people won't run most of those missions with people who they don't know), and the game's graphics are still over 10 years old.

    The game was great while it lasted, but honestly, the game use such tactics to keep itself alive forever. At some point, Nexon and Devcat are going to have to call it and let the game die. If they could manage to revamp the game and somehow have it be up to today's standards for online games, there's a good chance they could bring back the people they've lost over the years, but it would have to be a REALLY good revamp.
  • Wine Shop and Winemaking

    I swear I thought I commented on this, but my thoughts are that we need SOMETHING to do with wine-making beyond just leveling it up for some easy stats. So far, I have yet to find anyone that has trained it legit for the skill itself because there's nothing to do with it. Just adding things to do that are worthwhile would be better than just leaving it as some random skill you just level for the stats.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Timefall wrote: »

    I don't believe this is true. While there are many things which need adjusted or fixed, there are also many things which have been taken care of. Small changes and bug fixes that go unnoticed because they get slipped in during content updates. Players can no longer glitch through the wall of Hillwen Mine. The 'crafting queue' checkbox was added to make crafting easier. An attempt was made to improve doll bag logic. Gathering time for water bottles was reduced. The minimap system got a big revamp. Many options were added to settings, including repeat playing instrument and disable transformation cutscenes. More hotkey slots were added. More hotkey slots were added. Creating a raft no longer costs firewood. The maximum check size and bank limit were increased. The cooldown for sakura abyss was reduced. 100% repair rate was added.

    Some problems may remain unaddressed, but all of these things are proof that changes are being made in the interest of the players.

    You MIGHT have a point if there weren't a whole page full of known issues that have been in the game for over 5 years that Nexon refuses to do anything about. Hell, there are new fights that require you to use some of the exploits some of these skills have that shouldn't even be in the game. These days, you're expected to take advantage of glitches and exploits to get anything done. Nexon knows the issues exist and yet do nothing about it, even forcing us to use them to show us they know they exist and don't care. I don't expect them to fix everything, because that would require a huge overhaul of the entire game, but overall, what little they're doing is putting bandaids on a tumor. They're not addressing any of the underlying issues. They're trying to appease the problems on the surface without having to do much work. It's not them "looking out for us", they're trying to do the least amount of actual heavy duty work to just keep the game going because fixing the real problems would be too difficult and they probably feel would not be worth the time for a dying game.
  • Fix G24 Finale

    Sherri wrote: »
    I'm extremely surprised at how unfair this fight is, I can't even do anything without teleporting everywhere and constantly getting petrified..

    Welcome to G19 onward (G20 excluded mostly). The game in recent years is nothing but unfair. I'm not surprised there's a lot of unfair advantages in this. It's pretty much par for the course at this point.
  • Increase Crafting Queue

    There's a lot of items that don't even get a queue at all (I'm looking at you, Synthesis skill). They need to redo the entire crafting system honestly. But then again... Half of this game needs a redesign. This is another aspect that I agree needs an update though.

    But the real question is how to do it in a way that pleases people. Some people complain when the game feels like it's on auto-pilot and you don't interact with the game enough. But then there are people who would say the same as you. Overall, we need a solution that doesn't put the game on auto-pilot, but still allows you to do what you want to do.