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  • Splashing Potions and Cleric Magic

    Personally, I'd prefer it in the form of a restoration spell. Maybe like a party version of the inspiration skill that restores all your stats by a certain amount as a sort of advanced party healing type spell. Splashing potions on people sounds like a waste of potions. A party version of Inspiration that can restore all your party's health, stamina and MP by a certain amount or even amp stats if your party is at full health.
  • Golden Mushrooms

    Helsa wrote: »
    Squee wrote: »
    Well, the point still stands that, as is, the golden mushrooms need fixing. I haven't even had to attempt the gold egg thing yet, so that might be a discussion for another time for me. But the problem with the gold mushrooms is easily fixable, and really is just an overall silly problem that just comes from so many updates, but certain things never got updated with certain other updates

    The golden egg is even more useless; all you can do is sell it. The easiest way to fix the golden mushrooms is make it an ingredient for something so good it justifies the difficulties in harvesting it. Then you don't have to change anything, just add a new crafting recipe; bazinga, easy-peasy.

    There's actually enough uses for likeability potions with things like secret shops that it is worth using gold mushrooms now and then. Heck, there's a few players that are always selling likeability potions in Belvast like every day, and I have no idea where they're getting their stock. I think you need five likeability potions to get a secret shop usually, which does make the gold mushrooms useful. But you are right though. The gold mushrooms and golden eggs should have more uses given that they're major components to gathering egg skill and to the mushroom gathering skill respectively.
  • Golden Mushrooms

    I can't be the only person who's noticed how hard it is to get gold mushrooms. The Gold Mushrooms system needs a big change. The fact that you can only get two per channel in Dugald or Karu forest per night only on Wednesdays is just awful design choice. Getting them isn't hard, per se, but the problem here is that you have to try to get as many gold mushrooms (And you can only get two per channel) as you can while other players are also cleaning the gold mushrooms out on other channels. I get these are rare for a reason, but trying to fight other players for an item that really is only used in likeability potions (That are really only useful on getting secret shops for things you need to train certain skills) and mushroom gathering training at higher ranks is unnecessary. I haven't even gotten to the higher ranks of mushroom gathering, and I'm already dreading it. There are so many ways to fix this, so here are a few options for fixing this "issue" (I'm not saying they all need to be implemented, just one or two would probably fix the issue):

    1. Make the Hazelnut mushrooms all gold mushrooms on Wednesday, or spawn a specific forest area of gold mushrooms instead of other mushrooms. This is the easiest method for people who want to get them without people having to rush through the channels to try and scour for them before they get cleaned out by someone else. If one person could get as many as they need from one channel, it wouldn't be a race. This is the fastest way to fix this problem. I don't know why, but when I tried yesterday, people were waiting all day and trying to get as many as they could, and I wanted 30 because I wanted to put a gold mushroom thing in my homestead. But right now, this would make trying to get them so much easier.

    2. The gold mushroom stumps in the homestead options need to be something you can use every day, or they need to be able to respawn mushrooms every Erinn night on Wednesday. They are pretty much completely worthless as they are now where you can only use them once a day, and ONLY on Wednesday (which means you ONLY get 1 per stump per week if you can't just make a huge mass of them in your homestead). This is probably the best strategy for fixing needing them. If you can get enough to make one in your homestead, you can get at least one per Erinn night on Wednesday instead of camping out in Dugald or Karu. I cannot believe that it was actually made where the stumps in the homestead ONLY essentially work once a week. That is poor game design when you can find more in Dugald or Karu (granted you're not racing other people for them).

    3. Increase the mushrooms in each spot to 5, similar to herbs. Honestly, I never understood why the mushroom patches don't let you gather up to 5 like herbs do. That just seems like an intentional design flaw. I get you probably don't use many, but in the case of the gold mushrooms, they REALLY need to be increased to 5, especially in the homesteads. It just seems silly that you're only limited to one and then it's gone for the whole night. And it makes trying to gather them an unnecessary chore. If we want "chores", we'll go clean our house.

    4. Mushrooms should not only spawn at night (As in there should be mushrooms in Karu and Dugald all the time. Let's be honest... Mushrooms don't just grow at night. If they had a respawn time, like maybe respawning every 4-6 in game hours or every 10 real life minutes or something, it would be a bit easier. This would be the hardest one to implement though, because it would mean easier camping for the gold mushrooms. But there's really no reason at all limit any of the gold mushrooms to night time. This would also go for the gold mushrooms in homesteads, where they can be gathered every few hours or so on Wednesdays and would pretty much eliminate competition for them if people could make them in their homestead (for those of us that don't have the constant money to waste on Pon coins). It's also a huge pain to race the clock having to change channels and hope you have time to gather other mushrooms if you're training the mushroom gathering skill.

    5. Increase only one day to 3 days a week. Again, one day a week to get something is a bad design choice. If someone can't be online on Wednesday, they have to hope they can get online the Wednesday next week to get what they need and that means they can't train the skill they need during the week (getting a likeability potion is easy enough since there are some players who especially sell likeability potions, so that isn't too much an issue granted you have the gold). Only being able to train that aspect of mushroom gathering one day a week, you have to hope you can stay online and find gold mushrooms before other people do. Instead of one day a week, gold mushrooms should grow 3 days a week. I get the higher mushroom gathering training ranks use gold mushrooms because they're rarer, so I'm not saying they should be around all the time, but it still seems strange that they are only obtainable one day a week, and you can only get 20 per night (not counting lucky finishes increasing the amount) if other players aren't also trying to snake them from you (Not an intentional malicious intent moment, but just people who can only do one thing a week means everyone has to compete on that one day for something that really isn't worth much). It wouldn't be a pain if you only had the gold mushrooms to gather during that time, but you also have the hazelnut mushrooms to gather as well, which makes training the skill even harder when you have to balance gold, hazelnut and brown pine.

    6. Increase spawn locations to other areas. Dugald is a nice area to have mushrooms grow, and so is Karu forest, but when players have to compete for the mushrooms, you really need to have them in more areas so players aren't all forced to two areas to race for them. I've said it already, but it's just poor design choice. If they had other areas that had mushrooms, it might help alleviate the issue and still keep the drops rare enough and not make them too common. Forcing players to two areas creates more trouble than it needs to be.

    I feel this is a silly thing to have to write this much about, and honestly I wish I didn't have to, but this is something that really needs fixing especially with the fact I noticed people camping for them every night on Wednesday (probably the people who make tons of likeability potions to sell in player shops). It also seemed strange that the stumps in the homestead only spawn one per week, instead of one per day or one per night on Wednesday. This is a rather silly thing to have to complain about, but considering cooking is something I need to train, I will probably have to train this skill eventually.

    So, I've been stuck on the Doppelganger, but not just the Doppelganger, Tagar and Hasidim were also really unfair bosses. From what I hear, these bosses got a beef up a while back (I've been off the game for a few years until recently when I came back and tried to play the stories I missed to catch up). What I found in G21 was a PURE EVIL difficulty spike that I only have one thing to say: Whoever designed the boss fights for this generation needs to be fired. Or demoted to janitor. I'd settle for either or. G20 was pretty fair, even if I didn't like the "Survive for this amount of time" and then you can do damage/kill the boss. It wasn't the funnest storyline battles, but at least G20 was fair in it's difficulty. G21 though, I don't know if you guys decided that you made it almost impossible to discourage players from trying to get Nascent Divinity, or you just like bullying your players, but this is unacceptable game design.

    And before anyone tries to say "It's fair, get good you idiot". I am level 11,000 cumulative with a mastery in magic, physical combat, lance combat, puppetry, and working towards a gunner master and chain slash master title. I've been playing this game since G9 (with exception of the few years I took off from the game because it got boring). I know this game pretty darn well, and I can easily make my way through most hard and elite missions with ease. But G21 ramps up the difficulty to a brand new level simply through poor design.

    First is Hasidim. I don't know what is up with this guy, but he can go through obstacles like they're not even there, so you can't hide from him if you need to take a moment to breathe, and his dash attack can hit you 2 or 3 times in a row to kill you (His attacks do like 500 damage each). This boss isn't the worst, but he really needs better balancing. The boss being able to come after you from anywhere on the map is just unfair while you're trying to collect yourself.

    Then there's Tagar... Oh my god... I went through so many Nao Stones before I finally beat this reaper woman. The BIGGEST culprit was her teleport attack where she goes into the ground and comes up underneath you. The problem with this attack is that it's random on whether she comes up behind you, beside you or even in front of you. She's supposed to attack a certain area and if you move you can avoid it, but the area she is to appear in isn't consistent. I only beat this boss because of the Nao Stones and MANY MANY health potions. Her attacks weren't hard to predict, but the teleport move just gets REALLY unfair and does at 600-800 damage (sometimes even critting for an instant kill). It's impossible to predict which way to run because she pops up randomly around other sides of you and you have no way to know before she's basically already hit you. Some of her other attacks also don't have clear patterns, like one that slows you down, and the fog that causes it just "appears" under you. There's no pattern, no running away from it, it just appears wherever you are. I thought it had to do with the area in front of her so I got behind her, and it still appears where you are. And in a fight where you need to move or you're gonna die, slowing down the player just to make sure the boss's next teleport hits is completely unfair. The only attack she has that is fair is her classic scythe swing that fires a slash wave in one direction, but even that can clip you when you're far away from it because the attack has a much bigger hitbox than the attack physically looks.

    And THEN there's the doppelganger... Seriously... Why is this boss even here when it seems to set up that we should be fighting Cichol (I still haven't beaten this boss, so I don't know what the story is here after the fight and please no spoilers)?! I like the throwback, I do like this boss and the concept of using the doppelganger who's best power is demi-god, a power you've grown beyond and gotten stronger than. But why is this boss so tank-y?! A boss is supposed to require wit and good planning to beat. This boss is the most UNFAIR boss I've ever fought. If it didn't have health Regen, this would actually be a fairly fair fight (the clones make it tedious, but at least it would be somewhat fair). The clones also need to be removed from this fight entirely if the boss is going to have health regeneration. You can't widdle the bosses health bar down if it is regenerating while you're forced to do some stupid task of hitting the bars. People keep saying use pets, or dolls but those don't do crap for this fight. They're supposed to temporarily stop the regeneration using the attacks to take advantage of temporary health regeneration stopping when attacking an opponent (which doesn't seem to work anymore because when it was taking damage on my screen, it still was regenerating health even while my pet was beating it like it owed him money. Oh yeah, and apparently you have to take advantage of a glitch in order to avoid Shadow Spirit if for some reason you can't hit the orbs because the boss is using wind blast to throw you around the room like bloody rag doll. Players shouldn't even be required to HAVE to take advantage of exploits or glitches in the game at ALL. That is poor game design, and seems like you're now focusing on making players take advantage of glitches and exploits that shouldn't even be in the game. I've tried Adniel's horn as last resort, hoping that would do some real damage to the doppelganger, but not only does he take ZERO damage, but the clones don't even get killed by the horn (I tried this twice, once to kill the clones which didn't work, and the second on the doppelganger after I killed the clones which ALSO didn't work.) Every strategy I've tried doesn't work, and I've tried literally every skillset I have. I've tried injuring the boss little by little (but I can't injure it more than .01 percent at a time, and I'm not about to sit around and widdle a health bar down by 0.01 percent for every hit. I've spent over an hour on this fight and ONLY got him down to 90 percent. Even when I try to injure him using arrows or shuriken, the injury only seems to take small, almost insignificant amounts of health off. This boss should not require you to be fighting for over an hour like I've seen a lot of people who post videos of this do. I still haven't beaten this boss yet because I just can't do more damage than it regenerates AND deal with the clones. It just doesn't work. This fight does not work as is, and needs either the health regen or the clones removed. One or the other would actually make this fight FAR more fair. Tedious, but fair. And honestly, a lot of the bosses in these stories since around G19 have been overly tedious. That was why I stopped playing the game, because after G18, I felt the game just didn't have anything to offer to maintain the level of interest, and I found G19 to be far too tedioius and the Girgishy to be too annoying of a villain to fight.

    I haven't even gotten to the Talvish fight yet and I'm hearing horror stories about that one. Apparently in that fight you have to take advantage of exploits JUST to survive. If you make one mistake, it's an instant death. But I only have what I've heard to go on for that fight. I don't even what to imagine how awful that fight is going to be. I've even heard that Nascent Divinity has weird camera changes that will make it almost impossible to use when you get it for new players who haven't use the skill before. But I can't judge that until I play that fight, so I'll leave that one alone. As I said before, players should NEVER have to take advantage of exploits. Most of the bosses require knowledge of exploits to even have a chance against, and that is not how game design should work.

    Everything about this generation needs an update and a COMPLETE redesign. There is absolutely no reason this should be this unfair. And some have told me G22 and G23 are even worse! I'm not even going to be playing those generations if this is what I have to look forward to. I can't believe you think this is acceptable game design. How am I supposed to enjoy the story through these constantly unfair boss battles, most of which are almost impossible.

    Overall, I don't see a lot of people doing much of anything with stories after G18. Sure you see a lot of people who have played the story, but no one really seems to frequent a lot of the stuff that's been introduced like the Baltane missions or the Avalon missions because they're just too tedious and annoying compared to the classic shadow missions which are easier to spam and are just more fun. Honestly, I think everything from G19 to what I've seen so far requires a redesign, but G21 needs it first. I don't know what possessed you guys to make this trash, but the fights in this storyline are trashy.

    And that's not even mentioning the storyline. So far, the storyline feels half-hearted as well, but that's my personal opinion so I won't get into that. Making G21 playable and fair is priority one.