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  • Books Vs Grumbills - The Search for Page 2

    Kaaros wrote: »
    Kaaros wrote: »
    Kaaros wrote: »
    Fomor Commander may not be bad either because it's fairly easy to run, but sometimes you have to see if the grumbills will actually spawn.

    Having done it repeatedly yesterday, they'll spawn anywhere between 1-3 groups of 3 or 4 individual Grumbills per run.

    I say just keep at it. Ignore the fact that you're actually trying to get a drop and just run them for exp or gold. It will drop when you least expect it.

    It's worth almost no EXP because it has to be Basic. That's the only time the Pink Grumbill's drop it accord to the loot table.

    Collect all your loot and it will be worth the time. Don't underestimate the power of the unsuspecting regular drops that most people ignore.

    The regular drops reeeeaaaaaaally aren't that great. It's mostly the standard 30 HP, MP, or Stamina Potions and 100g. Which does add up, but it doesn't add up that much.

    Hey ever penny counts. And I use 30 pots in emergency cases. When you're getting beat up by something and need a quick boost, 30s are still good. They buy some time.

    I honestly consume them like they're going out of style, but I'm not particularly bright and too lazy to stock my supplies properly.
  • At Least Colossus Marionette Can..

    Helsa wrote: »
    What part of the orchestra has Marionettes?

    What do you call mushrooms that grow off a marionette's head?

    Wood ear. (google wood ear for reference)

    You two are a joy and a blessing upon this forum.
  • Post Approval

    So do the people in charge of post approval for new members take Weekends off? Cause literally nothing I've posted in 3 days has gone through. At all. Getting more than a little concerning frankly.