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October 30, 1978
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God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the firepower to make the difference
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Long time MMOer. Member of Rispetto. Pink Day Nao planner.
  • Connous Beach Vacation

    I don't know if it's happening for everyone but when you buy the Couple Special Soldier Box for 5 coins, it awards (2) Male outfits, instead of the 1 male and 1 female. I'm ok with relationship equality, but having them marked as 1 male and 1 female set and then not getting that is a bit annoying. Making sure everyone is aware of it.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Even if Nexon America CMs/GMs care about our thoughts/feelings (which I am not convinced of), it does not change the minds of Nexon Korea. They are the overseers, and it has been shown quite well how little they think of Nexon america players. At the end of the day what Nexon Korea wants we get. It is what it is. Even if you had a barrel full of facts, and had hundreds of upset players behind you, this forum WILL NOT change the minds of Nexon Developers and Lead Team.

    So why do I bring this up? Because it's a piece of cheese on a chain cast thunder trap. I am more annoyed that the CMs would even pretend they could change things, or have us believe we matter. News flash, we don't. Don't believe me? Charging Strike is still borked. Puppetry and Dual Guns draw extreme aggro as opposed to say oh Advanced Magic and Final Hit.

    When you support them with your money to buy NX, then they believe they have your support. And nothing after that matters. We are numbered cogs in a money making machine. I'm about done with the forums, especially this one. Say what you want. The proof is in the results.

  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Honestly, I just wish these items were not so difficult to obtain. I've mentioned it before but having to run a dungeon 30 times with a group of 8 people just to get 1 skill book. Or if you don't have friends, be required to run that dungeon forever. I wish you would implement a system where if you run a dungeon you get points for that dungeon. You trade those points for rewards from that dungeon.

    Gachas too. Like Shy's system (open X gacha, you get points). Then for events like this have certain items drop in certain dungeons, or have bonuses on the points you get.

    Its 2020. Why are we requiring anyone to run a dungeon hundreds of times just to get a chance to get an item? I think that's why people are so salty now. Let's imagine you've done all the content, raids, elite dungeons, farming dungeons for materials for the last two years and you still don't have what you want on your character. We're talking playing for six hours or more each day per character. When an event comes along like this one, people see it as an opportunity to finally make their character the way they want to.

    Is it ethical? No. But Nexon, you created this situation. You popularize the 1% of servers who have a Soluna blade. There are not 100 cool weapons equal in effectiveness, in each type. Armor either. You have the gear to play high level content or raids or you don't. I have been playing six months after the start, and I still don't do Peaca let alone go against the succubus queen. I can't afford the repairs for even an attempt.

    I could do grandmaster on like five different talents, but I can't afford the 1,000,000 gold to do that five times.

    Again, I'm not excusing or praising the behavior of the problem players. I do, however, understand it. It is the same reason why you have a problem with gold sellers, trading of items/accounts in real life for money, multiple account abuse, and even hacking of servers. Understand why you have the problems in the game you have, don't just say it's terrible we have them.

    You either care enough about the game to revamp the loot system, or this, like many issues in the game are just not important to you. You got your money from the players, good enough.
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  • Request for help organizing, pets.

    Could we get an option that allows us to save how our pets are sorted on one character and apply that to all other characters on the account? When we have hundreds of pets, it can be frustrating to resort them on every single character.

    I was thinking a save button, that allows us to save the layout of pets on the summon window, or other favorites. When you're on a different character on your account you can click import and import the pet sorted list. Maybe even have different lists we can sort from. Would help tremendously with pets and storage.
  • [EXTENDED] Scheduled Maintenance - October 24th

    Just waiting for "Halloween has been cancelled, see you in 2020". And before anyone starts it's called Sarcasm. I know the devs work hard (mostly). Just annoying waiting around. Throws everything else off schedule. Like ptj, since you need to do like 6 hours a day to hope to ever hit 100.