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  • A little too much ptw ?

    I hate the argument 'it's the principal of the matter', but it's the principal of the matter. Sure, this armor isn't game breaking, and maybe you can argue that some hard to acquire high tier raid armor might outperform it or some new update that we will eventually get at some undetermined point in the future might reduce it's relevancy, but that's not really the point. The point is that this armor is better than the vast majority of comparable equipment in the game and is a limited time cash shop exclusive, and if we don't voice outrage now then it sets a precedent. It tells Nexon that we are ok with power being a gacha item, and that will only embolden them. The people with the most voice in this matter (those buying tons of these gacha to get the prize items) are also the ones who benefit from this, so voting with wallets does nothing. Only outrage from the player base in a public forum can act as a deterrent at this point, before something much more audacious is put in their next gacha.
  • Make the Gachas more fair

    So first things first, there is nothing immoral about gachapon. Nexon is selling you a product, and just because you didn't pull the specific rare item you wanted with your 60$ purchase doesn't mean that the gacha is ripping you off.

    That being said from the perspective of a consumer buying a product Nexon's gacha do leave a lot to be desired. Inflated rarity on popular items, lack of transparency, constant repeats of non-desirable items are all areas that Nexon could improve on. I sadly just don't need any more treasure hunter shoes, and having paid money to receive an inventory brick that is worse than worthless to me certainly adds a teaspoon of salt to my soul. I'd love it if we could maybe convert items we didn't want to some sort of 'gacha currency' that could be used to purchase items in the gacha's pool or something. Something like Shy's shop, though ideally it would be a permanent shop with limited time items so the gacha currency always retained value. What I do begrudge is the ratio of gacha to non-gacha content we get, especially with the over-saturation of things like increasingly gaudy wings dominating the economy.

    Still I'm an adult and I can't blame anyone but myself for wasting my money. There's no need to get emotional about it, if you don't like the product then try to explain what you think might make the product better and see if it improves, and if not then don't purchase it. I've actually been steering away from Nexon's cash shop lately because I find my purchases in GW2 to be more satisfying and fulfilling. Chain seal box was alright, but I wouldn't have even bothered getting any of the Christmas gacha if not for Shy's psychological trap. Speaking of GW2 though I wish Nexon would take a page from their book and just let players buy gold for NX and NX for gold, players are pretty much doing that under the table anyways and it helps reduce (eliminate) gold bots and cash shop complaints.
  • unwritten rules and strategies for others to know

    So its not really a rule or strategy or anything but a few times I've seen newer players try to avoid getting over 1k to avoid having to do generations on higher difficulty. Don't do that, g9-13 have missions locked at Int and g14-16 at adv regardless of level. Saga and g19 are the only ones that scale.
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    It's actually pretty expected that this game's population would shrink even without all of the problems people bring up. This is an old game with outdated graphics and systems appealing to a niche audience in the west. Old players are naturally going to move on and new players have newer, shinier, and more polished games to draw them in. This game appeals hardcore to completionist who, once they've finished their grind or gotten tired of it, have nothing left for them in this game and they get bored. So while various other factors might have affected Mabi's dwindling population gacha/reforges/events/whatever are not really the actual cause, at least as far as I can tell. Now I could be wrong, but I've seen nothing to suggest that Nexon NA is on the verge of shutting down the servers or that the community is so sparse that it will be unable to support Mabi for the foreseeable. I kind of doubt we will make it another ten, but this game probably still has a few good years left in her.

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    @Sebastian ~ The thought of floating in a gondola makes me nauseous. :flushed:
    Buffalos wrote: »
    It wouldn't exist because there wouldn't be a mislabeled beginner talent if there are no beginner talents at all.
    You're assuming (sigh lol), assuming it's mislabeled because 3 out of 13 skills are rough to get. Is there really something bad about having something to work for later? Does not having those 3 skills immediately; somehow break Chain Slash builds? (lmao @ builds in Mabi).

    Here are the skills I've obtained up to a cumulative level of 45 .. on the brand new noob I made 2 weeks ago and barely played (life, combat, magic, and chain). The Firebolt was picked up for free via fishing at Port Cobh. Is it really so bad that a user might quit? Seriously? ~ Nope.

    You are missing the point in it's entirety, the problem here isn't what people have access to but rather what impression is being given by labeling something as a beginner talent. The other two talents in that field are there because they are both easy to learn, and close combat tends to be foundational for the combat system in Mabi with most other systems mirroring it to some degree. If you can master it then wrapping your head around other talents becomes considerably easier, especially because Mabi takes a difficult to learn easy to master approach to combat. Fighter on the other hand is probably the easiest talent to use in the game thanks to its combo system. Both allow for the player to get a better understanding of the core without throwing too much on top for new players to worry about. Because the beginner tab gives the implicit impression that this talent will also be both easy to learn and complete it is counterintuitive to the purpose of the beginner tab, and with skills locked off behind high level quests and with it being a hybrid talent even if the talent has some immediate short term gains it is not something new players should bother investing time and ap in at the get go.

    Chain Slash on the other hand is arguably the most complex system in Mabi right now, which isn't saying a whole lot I'll admit but it does throw an extra layer of micromanaging on to the combat system. This leads us to your first fallacy, assuming that a new character is the same as a new player. Presumably you have some knowledge of the mechanics and systems of the game and have to learn little to nothing, and thus will be able to play a character at a much higher efficiency compared to a newer player. Therefore your vaunted experiment doesn't really amount to anything conclusive or insightful. More useful data would require feedback from several newer players in order to establish a learning curve over the course of their first thousand levels or so.

    Your second fallacy is the assumption that new players will act optimally and simply pick up another talent. Talents are more like a declaration of what the player chooses to work on, and while by no means binding Nexon is (as I said before) giving the implicit impression that this is something newer players should be working on. Also keep in mind that newer players are ignorant to the game in every way except that which they've discovered, and may end up experiencing undue frustration because they didn't know better. In addition to their ability to change tactics one must also measure their willingness to do so and their lack of knowledge in other areas, because remember this chain slash was advertised as being an easy talent that they could adeptly learn. While this may not every new player quite it might very well ruin a number of their gaming sessions until they wise up or finally grow frustrated enough to give up on the talent.

    Now you might be saying well what's the big deal, but that is the entire irony of your argument. The only thing that eclipses the negligibility of this thread's proposal is the senselessness of the decision, there is literally nothing to be gained from having the talent displayed prominently in the beginner tab. It should be moved solely because it is out of place, and for all your arguing over the presumed pointlessness of the OP and the supporters of this thread you've failed to once provide a reason that it should stay or benefit for this placement. You are the one who is making much to do about nothing, since you are resisting a proposal to correct misinformation to new players solely because a work around exists and never once bothering to provide any merit to your point. Instead you only try to poke holes in other people's arguments.