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    So just going to leave my two cents here, the issue with it being in the beginner tab isn't that it breaks the game or locks new players into a bad talent but rather that it is just plain misleading. New players who pick this up aren't likely to know that they've picked the hard talent, and thus waste time (amongst other potential resources) trying to raise a talent meant for players far higher than them. Unless an older player tells them that they'd be better off choosing another talent the new player will be more likely to continue trying to master the talent rather than switch over to a new one, because that is how most people start the game off. We chose the one talent we wanted and worked to complete it before moving to other talents. If a new player wants to do that with Chain Slash then that is fine, but Mabi should be upfront about the talent so they know what they are getting in for or that if they switch to another talent it will be easier.

    Also there is a lot of ground between not advertising it like it is for new players and putting a level limit on it. Accurate information is inherently better than misinformation. This talent clearly wasn't designed with new players in mind and even if the option is open to them they should be given some indication of that rather than just assuming that they'll give up and try a new talent in 24 hours or catch on via osmosis (most new players have trouble understanding the difference between talents and classes in other mmos already). True this isn't game breaking, but it isn't really good game design either.
  • Twilight wings will return

    Considering the outrage over the original event this is a pretty big slap in the face, even if the item itself really isn't all that desirable. Probably wont buy this gacha though since it just looks like another wing dump and I'm perfectly happy with the large number of wings I currently own. (actually I own too many wings)

    To make a slight departure from the subject at hand the real problem with Gacha is how much new content is Gacha Exclusive versus being available for sale in game. I don't have hard numbers to confirm it but I feel like the vast majority of items are gacha exclusive, meanwhile any new in game items we get are either crafted items whose mats are in content they want to promote or items acquired from limited time events. Putting aside how I feel about this game's crafting system (I hate it) there is nothing wrong with either of those two, but it leaves ncp shops as outdated and laughably inexpensive gold sinks. I don't think there is anything wrong with gacha as a concept but with so few worthwhile in game-prizes being tied to such little repetitive content Mabi becomes boring and tedious.

    And that is a shame because there is a LOT to do in Mabi, it's just that most of it is a waste of time.

    DevCat has clearly gotten in the habit of introducing new content into the game primarily through gacha and limited time events designed to make players spend money and time in the game rather than gold. Ideally I'd like for them to set a lot of old gacha exclusive items for sale in the NPC shops or integrate the items or manuals for the items into the reward list for irrelevant content (theater missions, rafting, ballooning, exploration chests, ect) in order to make sure that content consistently relevant. This would require a bit of work and nuance on their part as their prices would have to be fair but effective as gold sinks, but I think it would pay off. I'd also like for this to be a continuous thing, integrating new gacha items so many months after their release and/or adding new items for these systems. I kind of doubt we're going to get anything like that.

    I'd like to see changes to the content itself as well, but that is another conversation all together.

  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    Because it is a convenient way to frame the problem of the day. It makes whatever the person is complaining about seem dire and bleak in order to reinforce that the problem is totally a real one. Usually the argument juxtaposes the modern game with some nostalgic golden age of mabi in days long passed, where the population was booming and the game was great. Then Devcat and Nexon in their hubris ruined it all by doing X and now the game is on the brink of death. So Nexon must change their ways (spoken as dramatically as possible) if they wish to save Mabinogi. At the end of the day it is just hyperbole and cynicism from unhappy players griping about this or that with no real context or metrics to back up their careless claims.
  • Assistance in a long term decision

    Not to shift the topic, but I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that just because they are the worst at something that means they are bad at it, or just because they don't have advantage in it that means they shouldn't do it. With the exception of close combat and lances elves can proficiently use every talent, and the stat caps that people often times use only matter to end game players who more often than not are just deciding how much they want to overkill things. While there are a few mechanical disadvantages elves have in close combat (no dual wield, two handed, lances) and fighter (can't wear armor) every other talent is one you might as well do since it wont really matter all too terribly much until you hit those stat caps way down the road.

    I get wanting to do something on a character that is going to excel at it but play around with but I wouldn't really avoid doing a talent on a race or feeling like you can't play it just because end game humans are going to have a few more points of extra damage on you. If you like close combat then I'd stick with the giant, but if you want to have an end game dominatrix elf then just start branching out and trying new things on your elf and you may find that it is more capable than you thought. Or just try doing both characters with chain whip for a while and stick with whichever one you end up liking more, and split your bags down the middle or something. It'd save you half the cost of transferring and gives you a bit of flexibility to try out new things.
  • Repeal the dungeon revamp

    AgentJean wrote: »
    Here's a better solution.

    Restore the dungeons to the way they were before the Revamp then add a Hard mode altar room to all dungeons for people who want to can slog their way through these insane dungeons that don't really justify the slog fest that they are.

    These dungeons are chasing new players away!!!!!!!

    I'm a new player, and these dungeons certainly didn't chase me away. I mean, sure, you end up running Albey and Ciar for your first several hundred levels since they're the only ones you can handle without being eaten alive by the mobs, but it gives you something to work toward. I was super happy when my main was finally strong enough to solo Math normal, it was a huge milestone...even more so than when I was able to finally beat the heavy and light gargoyles in the G1 green gem dungeon. It showed how far I'd come since I started and how much my character had grown. I wouldn't want the dungeons nerfed, even if it would make questing for Blaze, Ice Spear, Fireball, and Thunder slightly easier. It makes beating the next strongest dungeon for the first time that much more thrilling, and finishing those skill quests that end with "Finish X Dungeon" or require you to obtain an item that only drops from an enemy in a tough dungeon that much more satisfying to complete solo (though, I admit, I bought that one Thunder book page that you need to get from a boss from a dungeon I'm not tough enough for yet from someone else, but I did earn the gold I used to buy it). Maybe it's just because I'm an old lady who grew up with older, harder games like the Genesis "Sonic" games, Streets of Rage, Phantasy Star II, Final Fantasy VII, and such, but the current difficulty level of the dungeons is just right to me.

    G1 dungeons and other story dungeons weren't buffed with the dungeon revamp, so those gargs are the same as they've always been... or actually they were nerfed a bit from what they originally were. Also I think the problem is largely that there is no benefit for low level players running dungeons, the prizes suck for the amount of work you need to do and player's tend to complain about how much durability they lose. Spending an hour running a difficult dungeon that kills your equips only to get an old shield and some white powder is probably annoying, and definitely impractical when compared to other available content. Sure if you want to do it for the sake of doing it then it might work as a milestone, but dungeons were meant to be spammable content and very few will give you anything worthwhile just for beating it once or twice.

    Not that I think repealing it is the right choice, but I think a difficulty/prize rework is in order.