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  • Do the majority of mabi players use mods?

    Negumiko wrote: »
    Are mods really that bad? For me Mabi has always been this fragile little game that stops working properly at the slightest breeze so I've never actually bothered touching them -plus I don't like the thought of getting banned- but my philosophy regarding games is that instead of being fair its their job to be fun. So if people are using mods that make Mabi more fun or help weed out the unfun stuff then sure, it's not like Mabi is a competitive game after all. If someone wants to make Nao dress all skimpy and have a big glowing sword or alter their UI to be less clumsy I see no reason not to let them.

    Granted a few mods (multi-client mod) might cause some serious problems, but its not like mods as a whole should be disparaged just because a few of them -I can really only think of one of them actually- let you overinflated the economy. Otherwise I say let players have fun playing the game in ways not originally intended, so long as the player base is enjoying the game more because of it.

    part of what makes mabi fun is work you have to put into it. there are a few skills or events that I dislike however I don't think using a mod to cheat or make it easier is a fair answer. so I don't see how getting away with cheating or doing less work is supposed to make things fun or fair. if I ever used mods I would feel bad for doing less work then other players and it is unfair to the players that actually put effort into the game and earn what they have.

    The first sentence is a false premise, it would be better to say 'part of what makes Mabi fun for me is the work I put into it'. Fun is subjective, and a lot of people might find doing certain things or having certain restrictions or layouts as being not fun. Mods are optional -as well as being discouraged- so none of that potential work is lost on you just by them existing for other people to use.

    As for fairness, well that is largely irrelevant in Mabinogi. If this were a pvp focused game or a competitive game like First Person Shooters or Fighting Games then sure mods are bad because they ruin a fair contest of skill. Mabi's pvp is at best a tacked on side feature and at worst an already exploitable joke, so meh. Its not like there are leader boards (at least none that are still relevant) and most of the community agrees that this is practically a solo game with other people in it. Heavy reliance on rng, easy advantages able to be bought with real money, and constant buffs for newer players have already ruined all illusions of fairness in this game, and what we are left with is an already unfair game giving arbitrary or purchased advantages to players with little to no direct consequences on anything but a market place dependent almost solely on gachapon releases.

    Adding mods to that mix isn't really going to throw things into disarray, and if someone finds it fun then that's just what they find fun. People play this game for different reasons, and since its not like you're not going to get wrecked by some filthy modder with an auto-aimer in a pure contest of skill I'm sorry but I just don't see the harm. The game isn't fair, it doesn't rely on fairness, and I don't see fairness as an ends to pursue in of itself. I know I probably shouldn't say something like 'its like using mods in something like skyrim' but seriously, for as casual and solonogi as Mabi is it is almost like using mods in something like skyrim. Something isn't bad just because it is unfair.

    Then again I grew up when games still let you have cheat codes so maybe it is an age thing.
  • Small rant.

    HCLW wrote: »
    What we need is a mixture of both approaches.
    -Force players to link accounts to a phone number or something (might as well implement 2-step authorization in the process)
    -Nerf players - their reforges, primarily - so they can't solo content with meaningful rewards so easily (Pretty sure a bot with decent stats and a good FH set can carry a couple more bots through Conflict at this point, and I actually suspect one of these suspicious groups is doing this)
    -Nerf content rewards (at least gold rewards) to make sure no significant amount of gold is given unless a certain amount of time/difficulty is invested/overcome
    -Buff monsters so a significant portion of them aggro and actually attack before they get nuked. This is a big reason why stuff like Conflict is so easily done nowadays, to begin with.
    -Improve overall Quality of Life in the game, so there's less reason to even make more accounts (This applies to em-words too by the way: add more in-game options to lessen lag, and most people won't bother with them). Stuff like increasing storage space so there's no reason to make a new account for bank space, making sure certain items can't be traded. They've actually done a pretty good job of this as of late; I know they can't take it too far 'cause storage is a large part of the reason people spend moneys on this game.

    - No Please just no. Logging into this game is already a pain and I think you forget who you are dealing with, every other time Nexon implements some new security feature I end up not being able to play the game. In fact I STILL can't launch from Nexon Launcher because of some unresolved launch problem from roughly a year ago... so Nexon Quality.
    - Somehow I don't think massive nerfs are the solution, certain skills sure but I think most players would react negatively to huge nerfs.
    - Aside from maybe hitting conflict I think SMs would be fine if they stopped giving us shadow crystals.
    - As long as its not on the level of Alban then sure, although lullaby/raincast might make this point moot.
    - I find the constant complaints about storage space to be absurd considering how much we have. Maybe its just one of those 'back in my day moments' but I would have killed when I started this game for a lux bag, and somehow people are still not satisfied with inventories that fill their entire screen. Also items that can't be traded amongst alts REALLY SUCKS for players who seriously use their alts. It is so frustrating having some upgrade stones or rusty hammers you got in some event stuck on a character who doesn't need them while another one of your characters could seriously use them.
    HCLW wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    HCLW wrote: »
    Would it make u feel any better if they looked differently, if there names had nothing in common or w8 maybe they need to be in totally different guilds. when there is an item you want in a shop and it s cheap do u care if the person who got that happen to get it while they were spamming a mission or dungeon and happen to get it on one of there alts. the way i see it games has other problems and this ain't one of them, just because other ppl are making more in game money then u need to be so jealous about it. i personalty don't do the whole multi characters at once thing, but i see nothing wrong with the ppl that do. everyone has a place style that suits them and and this post to me its like this if u haven't in pass or are not doing it now, you will at some point so whats the problem ?

    You will care about these problems, because this game got an inflation that is increasing really fast with all that gold selling/buying and alt spamming. I hate when people are being ignorant about things that seem not right or okay at all and later when they get affected by it, they finally wake up and start to do some action, but it will be probably too late already if that ever happens...

    Capitalism, seems you don't understand that, or your just feigning that you do not. game has problems but inflation at least on the server i play on Ruairi its not a problem. so pardon me for being "ignorant" and not seeing a problem where there is none

    Inflation is actually a pretty big problem on Alexina. Allowing people to acquire unintended amounts of gold drives up prices and floods the market since there is no limit to how much gold can be generated. Gold sinks are already laughably out of date even without spamming alts thanks to shadow crystals and power creep.
  • A rather irritating thing I'm noticing lately...

    Not strictly relevant but a long time ago I wanted to buy this scythe, which at the time was worth about 5m, from a player who claimed they were quitting. I gave an offer of 3m because that was literally about all the gold I had on me, and the seller agreed. So I leave for like a minute to write the checks and when I get back there is some other player telling the seller they should charge more for the scythe, and so when I go to make the trade the seller decides they agreed, canceled the trade, and kindly told me to pony up an additional two mil or Fergus off. In retrospect it wasn't that big of a deal but that was probably the maddest I ever got at a seller, especially because back then bank fees actually meant something to me and the seller couldn't even be bothered to reimburse me for those.

    On the other side of that I hate buyers who ask you to hold something and then decide they either want to renegotiate when it comes time to pay or end up buying it from someone else. Especially when they don't TELL you that they bought it from someone else and go radio silence for like a week. If I'm putting something aside for a seller that is a courtesy on my part, it has no benefit for me and might actually cause me to take a hit in profit if you make me hold onto a new item for like a week, so don't be a jerk and honor your agreement. Don't make me regret being amicable just because you found a better price somewhere down the road.
  • Thoughts on Jubilee event?

    Its not 5 coupons per day, so yeah, way better than star event.
  • Elf buff for Strength and debuff for intelligence?

    I agree that it can tend to be hyperbolic, and its a secret war as silly as it sounds in 'equal treatment' and 'equal opportunities' if you get what i mean lol. Elves tend to ramble because you'd have to play elf for a 'really' long while. After using archery for so long, you feel cheated. One of my biggest gripes is the controversial/contradictions within the game mechanics/game logic where giants are seen as 'poor' in archery but have no need to aim or dexterity, can instant hit anything within 2k range, as opposed to elves who are the most dexterous, which means we'd have the highest accuracy.

    This may sound childish but it really is annoying being interrupted of your skill/talent you main like Team Skull is in your face slapping your coffee during break. Those videos are so hilarious though.

    I think elves are meant to be shafted at the way things are going with the renovation update -> racial update

    Ok, so this is part of what I mean though. Elves in no way were shafted by this update, humans and giants weren't favored and elves received no major disadvantages. Yet the elven community is acting as though not making elves OP in a specific and non-archery manner is synonymous with them being wronged. I admit that elves are a disadvantaged, in fact I opened saying as much, but every time there is some skill update or race change it turns into this huge battle again and again about how elves are always given the short end of the stick...and their not. I mean giants ability is ok if you are doing close combat, but the human's new skill sucks, and sure it is restricted to archery but elves skill is by far the best. Just take your win.

    As for the stats, well I don't know if you know this but there aren't a lot of giants that use Dex/Int. My giant certainly has no use for them, and yet receives less STR/WILL under the current buffs. It's equal, this update TREATS ELVES FAIRLY. No, it doesn't solve all the problem with the elves, and elves should receive a wider degree of support at some point, but please stop making battles where there are none. Not getting what you wanted and being treated unfairly are not the same thing, and you shouldn't complain at every update that they didn't fix your problem like they are out to get you.

    I'm not saying that you shouldn't articulate what you want, just that you shouldn't jump on every perceived wrong and cry wolf. The more you complain about things that aren't a problem the less people will listen to you about the actual problems elves have, and that isn't a good outcome for anyone. This update is fine, not groundbreaking, but still pretty good for elves overall. Just admit that it was a step forward (however small you may think it is) and move on.