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  • Post your favourite plot hole

    Macha. Do I have to say anymore?
  • Pet Medals

    Watch the thing expire in like a month.

    Actually my friend got theirs and there's no expiration date.

    Oh, guess Nexon did good this time.
  • Elves Being Better at Magic

    I leave for a few hours and all hell breaks loose.
    I kinda hate that I wasn't around to see this earlier, but oh well. Not reading the whole thing right now. Here's what I'm thinking:

    -Give elves more magic defence/prot somehow (maybe through magic mastery?), with a focus on prot
    -Give elves a higher base MP regen rate
    -Maybe give elves an exclusive mana shield buff? (probably through an indirect buff, with a passive 10% all-round mana usage reduction, or a change in mana shield itself so that it uses magic def and/or prot to reduce damage, and thus favor elves, who would have the highest of those stats)
    -Give elves some kind of elemental-infusion skill(s), which they could use with bows and magic weapons to add/increase damage of a certain element (with the added bonus of serving as an additional source of int)

    That's about it for magic. Of course, I think elves could use a few archery buffs too (mostly slight improvements on FS and mirage missile), and the changes made here would warrant other changes to compliment them (changes to content to make these things relevant, similar buffs to other races), but this is the center of it.

    Actually pretty good, I like. I'd also like to see something like elf exclusive gear that gave various set buffs, although I feel like mp regen/reduction is probably one of those ones that has become meaningless all things considered. Having something like a 'useless shield' of some sort that when paired with a certain wand increases damage for a particular element would be kind of cool, make wands relevant outside of chain cast.

    Also have similar thoughts on elf archery, but that is another topic. Some skill like golden time which add effects and damage to certain archery skills would be pretty fun though.

    Kaga wrote: »
    First one, more magic attack for each 5 int compared to now (5 int = 1 m att)
    Right now with the updates I see both Giants and humans as a stronger race compared to elves.

    So for something like this I think adding bonus magic attack at certain thresholds would work best, something like elves receive an extra 5 magic attack at 100 int and another 5 at 200, and maybe like 10 or 15 at 1k int... you get the point, by doing it that way it is a fixed number and avoids giving elves like twice as much magic attack for the same int. Any difference in damage should be noticeable, but not unreasonable. Also would an elf BFO replace all other buffs (I feel like it should) and be shared by entire party like normal bard skills, because elves would be a lot more popular if it was.
  • Elves Being Better at Magic

    Kaga wrote: »
    First one, more magic attack for each 5 int compared to now (5 int = 1 m att)
    Right now with the updates I see both Giants and humans as a stronger race compared to elves.

    I rather see double blaze

    Feel like this needs a lot of specifics, since the effects will snowball.
    Dual wands.

    Half the casting time of spells, allows 2 charges at the cost of one charge.


    ^Something like this.

    Ok, so to reiterate double wands means you are getting magic attack from both, which after special upgrades is huge. Add on that you made firebolt spam take half as long and, well... yeah, people are already using it to clear end game content as it is now...