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  • The lootbox/Gacha problem

    Wow, people are getting weird with lootbox arguments lately. I like gachapon in general (I grew up on pokemon/yugioh/mtg cards and appreciate the randomness) and think that any bill banning children from playing games with a 'gambling mechanic' would be disastrous for the free to play market. Still I find the 'self-control' argument to be a facile and shallow one. There is a distinct difference between somebody losing control over a product sold for general consumption and people being targeted with predatory practices. Whaling is common practice amongst F2P and there is an entire industry built around milking people like that for all they are worth. This can have devastating effects on people's lives. I'd like to avoid getting into the abstract debate over the existence and scope of free will here but manipulation IS a thing, and game companies do purposely use it to prey on people.

    Now obviously just slapping a 'you must be this old to play' label on these games is naive and misses the point entirely, because predatory gaming arguably affects adults more than children. What I'd like to see is some self regulation by the gaming industry since they understand the medium better than politicians who've never picked up a controller in their lives. Making gacha rates fixed and public would be a good start, and so long as companies like Nexon were acting ethically it wouldn't hurt them. Of course even if you don't think companies should be held to any standard and should be allowed to sell whatever they want however they want soon it might actually come down to either self regulation or government regulation, so take your pick. Other countries are already regulating games like this.
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    Because it is a convenient way to frame the problem of the day. It makes whatever the person is complaining about seem dire and bleak in order to reinforce that the problem is totally a real one. Usually the argument juxtaposes the modern game with some nostalgic golden age of mabi in days long passed, where the population was booming and the game was great. Then Devcat and Nexon in their hubris ruined it all by doing X and now the game is on the brink of death. So Nexon must change their ways (spoken as dramatically as possible) if they wish to save Mabinogi. At the end of the day it is just hyperbole and cynicism from unhappy players griping about this or that with no real context or metrics to back up their careless claims.
  • Repeal the dungeon revamp

    Pepper wrote: »
    Erm...didn't the revamp happen because of the people complaining that the dungeons were too easy? Yes, it could have been handled better as with most things, but no company is perfect. I don't mind the changes in all honesty, though I can see how it makes things a lot harder for lower-level players.

    (P-please don't bite my head off :s )
    Then the weaker players should be going with the stronger players like it used to be. And you might actually need help with something instead of everyone doing everything as solo cause its so easy, Its nice to run dungeons with people that don take 2 minutes to run through. And the stronger players shouldn't be looking down on the weaker players or players that don t do so well. Maybe a big reminder of you weren't as good as you are now either without help from someone when you started.

    So I get the whole altruism and helping others thing... but yeah why would they? If a weaker player is running a dungeon that is to hard for them while simultaneously being a waste of the stronger player's time then you pretty much have to rely on a stronger player always being a) free, b) willing to help for essentially nothing, and c) being aware that the weaker player needs help. Sure you'll occasionally get players like that but you probably shouldn't expect it unless you add in some incentive.
    Blortad wrote: »
    I love how every time someone brings up the buffs to the mobs stats they always leave out damage. They didn't JUST buff defensive stats, they buffed offense too. Every single boss of every dungeon that wasn't peaca or some adv hm thing hit me for nothing but 1's before the revamp, now the bosses actually hurt me. Since they did, in fact, get damage buffs too, saying the new dungeons are more boring then the old ones due to the increased monster hp is like saying elite shadow missions are more boring then basic or int shadow missions because the mobs "just have more defenses". When you do the revamped dungeons, you are fighting stronger versions of the same monsters just like you would be going into an elite shadow mission. All that sounds like to me is that you either want nothing but easy wins all day long, or you just don't even want to play the game at all.

    So this one bugged me too so I thought I'd point out why everyone focuses on the defensive stats rather than the damage. It is mostly because mobs are still susceptible to the same aggro prevention/stun lock moves that we have now but require more damage to take down, which means hitting them more, which means draining away more durability and time to accomplish the same thing. Considering that dungeons are already a tedium of 'go to this room, open the chest, defeat the mob of enemies, go to next identical room, open identical chest, defeat mob of identical or near identical enemies, rinse until done' making this take longer makes them incredibly boring if you are doing it without a party. Plus it is still the basic AI so unless you are new to the game you've probably got the old dungeons down pretty well. Personally I only tend to find the last half of the last floor of Rundal HM engaging when soloing, everything else is just annoying filler.

    As for dungeons as a whole the revamp did some things well but didn't do near enough, and ultimately too much of it was aimed at end game dungeon grinders which made it fail to make dungeons more mainstream. Dungeons are still just plain inconvenient, they take a far larger amount of time and durability investment than other content and many times harder dungeons runs aren't even worth it unless you are spamming because you wind up with the same rewards as doing a basic one. Since most of the good rewards are mats it is only useful to high level players looking to make end game gear... which okay there should be a market for that but that doesn't make them mainstream. The result is kind of the same as when celtics first got released, you see a small community of dedicated dungeon runners while most players will run if a pass drops into their lap but otherwise sticks to content that is easier to access and more rewarding in the short term.

    I guess this is fine if that's what you want from dungeons, but it also makes it vividly apparent how superfluous every dungeon under adv hm is. Since all the best prizes for those end game gears are in the higher dungeons the lower ones exist solely to act as a pointless escalator, a chore you do in hopes of quickly snagging the actual prize of the content you wanted to do in the first place. Aside from a few preexisting drops like skill books there is no reason to run them, and even then you made them far more difficult to spam for the lower level players who probably need those items because... well why not?

    If I'm being honest with you while I think removing and adding things to the dungeon prize pools as well as balancing difficulty a bit better would have helped to make dungeons more accessible to a wider audience all I really want from them is to be able to buy the pass I want and enter the dungeon I want with no muss or fuss. I understand this is an MMO but not everything has to be an insultingly transparent time sink for the sole purpose of making sure I'm logged in more. I'd run dungeons a LOT more if I didn't have to do busywork just to get in.
  • Who solo'd rabbie phantasm?

    Pan wrote: »
    >Player does not have something.
    >Demands Nexon to bring it back.

    If you don't have a certain thing, figure out another way. If it is absolutely necessary to require a crystal deer to cheese through Phantasm, there seems be lack of creativity and skill that players have here.

    Yes, how dare we try to make them take our money! It's not like corporations care about figuring out what we would or wouldn't buy or anything, so we should just keep our mouths shut and our wallets tight.
  • A Little Market Consumer Survey~

    1.) What do U usually spend ur gold stockpile on?
    Pretty much everything. Dyes, outfits, gear, reforges, enchants, just whatever I need when I got gold. On occasion I might save up but even then I usually decide to blow it all on some big item or make a large investment on reforges.

    2.) How often Do U spend ducats?(Or what do U buy/use em on? Fomor equips? Repairs?)


    3.) Do U prefer getting things from the cash shop directly or trading Ingame gold for them?
    Depends on what I have more of free to spend, cash or gold. Though I do enjoy the thrill of gacha from time to time.

    4.) Do U have a spending cap when going around PS shopping 4 items?(5m/10m/20m/etc)
    No. If you have gold it is a game to see how fast you can turn it into things you like.

    5.) Last but not least...Do U prefer to generate ur own gold income(SM/Dungeons/etc) or do U afk and just merch?
    Merchanting. I don't like worrying too much about gold though so I don't put a lot of effort into either, its just that usually whatever I earn from sms often times tends to get sucked back into repairs or builds up slowly over time. Getting a large sum of gold at once is much more satisfying.