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  • Not even 5 minutes and someone got the legend weap

    There is a solution to things like this. The winner could make their choice from a selection of items, only the item isn’t tradable. The only issue is Nexon selling and giving away trade coupons. If something shouldn’t be traded without a trading pot, then it shouldn’t be tradable with a trading pot.
  • Not even 5 minutes and someone got the legend weap

    April fools: all the winners are paid actors
  • Not even 5 minutes and someone got the legend weap

    A very poorly planned event.

    You don’t know what the lucky Chanel is until the event has started. If you change channel, you will NOT be getting that legendary weapon. It’s rubbish from the start. You don’t even have a cool down period before the event starts. The space you need to fit in is tiny. Not to mention, they like to make it hard to know what is happening just from the announcements.

  • Mabinogi 2, the game that was almost liked.

    Mabi needs Mabinogi 2, at least as a way of starting over instead of patching stuff up.
    A few ideas:

    1. Clearly defined skillsets.
    If every skill is like: “Gunner involves quick dealing damage, at the downside of having to regulate bullets, except when using way of gun” and “magic skills deal a lot of damage at a distance, but take a long time to cast, except when using snapcast” then Mabinogi will become something like “switch to gun set, use way of gun, switch to magic set, use snap cast with thunder, switch to sword set, use final hit.” Instead of keeping within defined skill set roles.

    2. More skills, more skill customisation.
    More skills and more variety is good, as long as those skills stay within defined skill set roles. I remember when there were six offensive spells. It sucked when you had to switch weapons to use a different magic skill, but it’s also nice to have a few limitations as long as those limitations come with advantages of accepting them. It would be nice if I could choose to have 10x meteor strike charge time in exchange for even more insane damage, or choose to make crisis deal very little damage in exchange for larger range. As skills rank up, you could earn perk points to spend on changing skills. If you accept quirks, you get even more perk points, or you could choose to put the perks into an entirely different skill at the disadvantage of poor exchange rate. Eg: 10 points in flame burst could be 1 or 2 points if used in final hit.

    3. Skills that make sense
    I’m a little biased against gunner, but a skill that gives you unlimited bullets does not make sense. Another one is grapple shot, when you shoot a bullet that magically pulls you toward whoever you shot.

    3. Make every skill useful and worth ranking.
    Current Mabinogi: People rank gold strike for extra luck, but never use it in actual combat. People rank Elven magic missile because every other elf transformation skill is r1. Summon golem is another example of a less useful skill. Other less useful skills are teleportation skills such as grapple shot and anchor rush. Not really usable in combat because it’s often faster to just run where you need to go, and by the time you finish loading the skill, you get attacked.

    4. Reduce the amount of different enhancements possible on weapons, and make it one big system.
    Erg, enchants, spirit weapon, reforged, upgrades, special upgrades and gem upgrades could be simplified.

    5. Make even more things appearance customisable. This includes transformations, puppets, summoned golems, and titles. Maybe even skill appearance? I can’t think of anything else, because Mabinogi has gotten pretty good with this.

    6. Reduce focus on stat boosts, and focus on other ways skills. This is related to more skill customisation. Basically, I get that stats are the main way to increase damage, but this quickly gets boring. It would be interesting if there was more of a focus on how skills could be improved in other ways.

    7. Focus on expanding player roles. At the moment, there is only one real role. And that role is “who can deal the most damage the fastest?” The best healer and support player is the one with the most clouds. People don’t need support players for a few other reasons, too. Techniques, stats, and good equipment can make your character almost invincible. Also, support skills are extremely limited. Healing spells are best used for breaks in between fighting because of how not good they are at supporting fighting players from a distance. Magic shields are best used in rafting/balloon and dragon fights, because otherwise they’re just not that good. Supposed support skills like music buffs don’t take you out of the fight at all or put you in a vulnerable position in exchange for providing insane buffs to party members because it’s more like “play battle overture for two seconds and everyone gets an extra 30% attack.” That’s not a role, because any player can do that. The lack of instrument and healing wand buffs as well as skill mechanics are the main culprits in my opinion. This also applies to life skills. If you want to inspire people to put more energy into crafting, why not give life tools erg and spirit weapon capabilities, or similar buffs in a new simplified system.

    8. Please bring in trust crafting, which works like trust enchanting. Also, add a trade window to offer optional payment in exchange.

    9. Reduce RNG enhancements. Crafting stats, enchants, reforges, erg, special upgrade are all just RNG over RNG. Which especially makes it a disappointment if you have a 3 line r1 all 20 reforged, fully erged, final step weapon, only to get a 62 max damage weapon and have to start the process over again with no way to put the enhancements from one on the other.

    10. More skill levels. I don’t think 15 levels is enough.

    11. Aim to build a balanced game. Give elves a flat bonus (a bonus apart from int and dex) in something other than archery. Maybe give them more range or a 40 magic attack bonus, or something, anything. At the moment the only flat bonus outside archery that elves get is ice spear mana cost, which is arguably the worst flat bonus of the least important offensive magic spell.
  • Winter Reforge Time!

    From the main announcement, it reads as if the refined reforge plus is better than the premium (no trans options, and a guaranteed higher roll for stats.