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  • Defeating the Ulgarms...

    spam normal attacks as fast as possible to cut down the amount of mobs.
    use ice spear mostly to hold aggro if it's too overwhelming.
    use stronger chain skills on the tankier ulgarms

    hope this helps!
  • Pls increase the Pet limit again by more than 50

    Hey Nexon,

    I think it's about time you guys increase the character / pet limit in the game. I know some of you guys will be saying stuff like "BRUH I THINK 200 CHARACTERS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH".

    But coming from a beta player that's been playing this game for years and kept their old pets since day 1, collectible pets that barely ever come back, partners, event pets, AOE mounts, alt characters, etc..... I've hit my character limit and now my pet whistles are starting to stock up because I've been waiting for you guys to uncap the limit.

    I know some of you guys will say, "Just sell your pets". um no, I don't want to. (that actually costs money for adoption medals)
    Or "Sacrifice a character =3= " and again, No, I don't want to. (you actually LOSE money dafug)
    Why should I have to sell or sacrifice something I spent money on? *end rant*

    Now with the new Re: Zero pet and partners out, I can't even use them if I buy them so what's the point of buying them? So please uncap the limit already, I know a few other long time players that have reached or will be reaching their limit as well.

    Anyone else?

  • [SUBMISSIONS] Anime Cosplay Screenshot Contest

    43c6036c753e6284b24392d6a230142a.png e3504dc085f2a0acc468b8a73822b6a8.jpg

    IGN: bobo
    Server: Mari
    Anime: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
    Character: Tohru
    JazmynMizukiHayamaGretaForeRuniaHellkaizerMykahBlissfulkillMottleypShoogFluoretteand 15 others.
  • Squire Recruitment Scrolls, bring them back!

    Thanks for this suggestion thread! I actually got a lot of people asking me on my Youtube channel about that and it bums them out that it never came back.

    I always felt that the scrolls should be a permanent addition to the shop and honestly it doesn't really put you THAT far ahead from those that only have 3 due to the RNG of those rewards. In fact, it could encourage players to do more of the squire stuff. I actually though that they'd bring it back when the baltane misions came out, but nope. With the new baltane missions giving things like squire uniforms, it makes sense to increase the 3 cap.

    Anyways, I support the idea of bringing it back or making it permanent. It's extra money Nexon could be getting without much effort.
  • Dream House!

    Grimy key gets you this... LMAO I assume they all look the same LOOOOOL