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  • 10th Anniversary Celebration Part 1

    Can anyone confirm if these even exist? lmao, I may have been very unlucky but I've yet to run into any of these items. I wonder if it's glitched and not actually in the boxes if it's suppose to be.
  • 44 STEAMPUNK boxes for 4 STEAMPUNK items.

    Hihi, I thought I'd leave a comment here since I heard about some thread going on the forums about my video. I don't usually browse the forums so unfortunately I wasn't able to respond sooner ^^;

    Just to clarify, yes, I probably have a gambling problem but don't worry, it's definitely not serious c: I'm actually very frugal in person and monitor my bank account all the time. I actually only spend money on apparently games, food, and gifts for people to make them happy because those are honestly the only things in my life that makes ME happy. I definitely do gachas for fun and to provide entertainment for my viewers. If I complain in the video, it's mostly out of humor and entertainment. Of course it sucks, but that's what RNG is. I'm not really flipping tables or smashing windows or selling my blood for cash. If my money spent gives me something I can sell or somewhat fund for this game I've played for so long, I have no issues. Also, many folks actually say that watching my gacha videos satisfy their need to open gachas so they don't have to buy it (guess that's good? LOL ..... low key lowering sales coughs*)

    And yes, I've gotten many folks wondering how I have the money to buy gachas all the time. First off, no I'm not some rich kid using mom and dad's credit card LOL. I work, just like anyone else, a full time job. Your typical 8 to 5 office job with a bi weekly paycheck. Not in management, no bonuses, not even salaried. I just choose to spend my money this way. I COULD stop doing gachapons and videos and save nearly $1-2k per year for other important necessities in my life, but I chose this with no complaints. You make money to spend it and enjoy life, that's my mindset tbh. I even had people saying Nexon should pay me for my channel because I've always been getting folks saying "I started playing Mabi after watching your videos!" and OMG, dat free advertisement yo! LOL, but I'm fine with that. If I can build the community in a game I enjoy, it's all good. I squeal when I see newbies joining the game for the first time.

    and finally....

    sigh* I'd like to see myself as a dolphin on "meh" gachas and a mini shark on really good ones :/
    I'm definitely not a whale. I've seen worse, they just don't do videos and publicize it.

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  • Giant Overhaul

    Just want to speak for some players and leave my thoughts and suggestions on this event here

    It's great the event got extended to August 30 but even with the extension it's still simply not enough time. At most, you can only rebirth 3-4 times before the event is over. You're basically asking us to level 125 - 167 CURRENT levels per rebirth (assuming you started from the start of the event and not miss any weekly rebirths) because we can only rebirth once a week.

    I know people will mention the beginner benefits with daily rebirths and potential system giving rebirth potions, but there is a flaw to that. Any current active account that already has a total character of 1k (doesn't matter if it's their giant or not) will automatically lose their beginner benefits. I want to say, the majority of the active player base is in this situation. Then, you don't get to activate your potential system until your giant character is at least 1k total. So if you made a brand new giant (which I assume was the whole point of the card) AND have an active character that's over 1k, you pretty much can't finish this event unless you grind like crazy or spend a ton of rebirth potions. The event in the end, only caters to brand new accounts making brand new giant characters. This will only encourage players to create "alt" accounts just to receive the rewards. On top of that, we also have the mission points event still going on. Like seriously, we can't be playing Mabi 24/7.

    To fix this issue, I suggest you guys extend the event to another month to give a reasonable amount of time to those that miss a few days / rebirths OR supply some sort of weekend rebirth potions as a hot time event. A ton of my active mabi friends already confirmed they did not want to waste their time doing this event for that very reason so I can't imagine how much of a struggle this is for newer / lower level players.
  • Mabinogi "Meme"nto Contest [ SUBMISSION]

    IGN: bobo
    Server: Mari
    Another meaning for the dungeon types c:
  • UPDATE: Mabinogi @ Anime Expo 2017


    This is bobo from the Mari server and I'm looking forward to meeting you all at Anime Expo!~ ^-^b