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    Let it be bad ill call it how i see it 80% of threads are spoiled players crying they want things made easier and than nobody can say anything otherwise because its against what yall want. Just browsing far back to the new gens and all the threads of ppl crying about its difficulty when in reality none of it is all that hard. Browse all info about vets its ppl crying. Metallurgy isnt dead i currently make over 20m a day doing it, but a fishing event would force me to abandon that because again everyone wants something free.
    Comprehension is key here me personally i like vet, im ok with the grind and idk how a 2m+ gem drop isnt exciting when most ppl you speak too think swiz spam is the pinnacle of money making.
    Honestly couldnt care less how i look or how you feel about me anyone can see this is just a cry for free stuff.
    Like the market isnt flooded enough when every "vet" player harvests event rewards 1000x over on alts and are proud of it. Not the kinda ppl i wanna be well recieved by anyways. I try to meet and interact with folks who play and are ok with a grind.... also new gems in current state are incentive and maybe thats a good thing. I dont think you fully understand what im saying here, maybe you do.
    Guess around here i should just hop on the plz make game easier and please give more freebie bandwagon. Maybe youd be less disaapointed. Or maybe my first post should be me crying about game difficulty. Is that how i make the good impression lol. Smh.

    Man im new here but all i ever see is folks crying they want things spoon fed. Ever think maybe they want you to grind for something? Everyone is QQ vet as it is so lets make it rain new gems so all the spoiled players push it to dead content a month within release. Idk what gaming world everyone comes from but the game on easy street isnt fun. I love vets, i like a grind. You just want max stuff for free so you can afk in dunbarton with your kax ego. Its so silly. The gem argument will ruin metallurgy vet dungeon and any other method to obtain cuz it wont be "worth" it cuz u can just afk for better rewards
    May as well ask nexon to just make your ego max lvl day one. But youll cry then theres no challenge. I hope they dont do an event
    Heck i hope we dont get the mining area. Stop being lazy and actually work for something.
    Even leveling is easy im 10k been in this game for 3 weeks. If you cant be bothered to farm gems you shouldnt get a high lvl spirit weapon. Simple.