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  • Erinn Beauty Pouch

    Oh my god. They've added faces with coupon only. It's over, it's done, they're never going to add new regular character features for pon ever again. It's going to be gachapon forever, and I kind of introverted-ly oppose gachapon. I'm going to be stuck with basic features except for my hair since I only like that one hair. I mean I don't mind, but I kind of like looking forward to new stuff.

    Edit: Now that I realize, it's kindof like old maplestory now. Gachapon for all your good looks. I didn't mind throwing my paper at it on maplestory, but I guess now I kindof value and need to save real currency. And then I developed morals.

    Edit 2: Heey, imagine you could directly buy the hair/eye/face/face shape that you want, just like how they're doing for the first time with hair color.
    I imagine Nexon would make less money off of it though, since gachapon makes each individual person use more cash if they keep trying for the thing they want.
  • Chocolatier Romance Event

  • Only your name on top of your character

    Give me an option to select (None) for talent title. I really just want my name up there like old times. Running that one roleplay as myself in that one generation with Altam and others, I only had my name on my character, and I just felt like I was so cool I:. I miss that.
  • What are everyone's thoughts on this?

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Tayloreski wrote: »
    .. Seems like they took more care in that game then this one xD. from the movement to npc's and the combat.. Its better then what we have now.
    What we have now could be this good if it were driven by a modern-day game engine. (eg. Pleione versus Unity3D is like Night versus Day, and Unity is cross-platform). Many people are turned off by this amazing album of Mabinogi in a modern-day engine, because they think it removes the cartoonish feel (and I agree, it does), but it's just an example and it can still be done in such a way (just as good) as to maintain that cartoon feel (obviously); plus get all of the modern-day extras, such as Gravity and Real-Time Physics (Jumping, Falling, Hair, Water, Sand, etc.). :cookie:

    PS.. ~ And that technically is this (the video in the main post is technically what'll become of Mabinogi in the future; a global hit). :mrgreen:

    *blehh* S-Stop. Too realistic, not enough anime-y. ... Even though that's better graphics, I love mabi because it's cute and fluffy. I'd love to see how Mabinogi would have high quality like that and at the same time be anime-ish, cuteish, "cartoonish", like you said. ... OH MY GOD JUMPING? YES PLEASE. FALLING TOO. HOW ABOUT SWIMMING, AND CLIMBING STUFF? :D
    Whenever the word "Swimming" is put into the news titles, Im like "Did they add swimming mechanic maybeh? :DD" ....... "haha lolno."

    ...I'm asking for swimming when there's so many other issues to deal with. I'm asking for too much. I'm sorry. I know. ._.
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