Check out all of the details of this month's Patch Notes, featuring the RE:Life Update!
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  • Kyrios says, “Take care!”

    Hello Milletians,

    Some of you may have noticed my decreased activity here and on other platforms as of late.

    It’s been about half a year now since I first said hello to you all. When I came to this community, it was briefly after I had already said so long to another, and today unfortunately I must do it again.

    My post here in Mabinogi has always been a temporary one, and I’ve always been upfront that it was only until CM Katherz returned from her maternity leave. She’s been back for a few weeks now, and with each passing week since then we’ve handed off the duties of a community manager back to her in full. You already know you’re in good hands with her, as you always have been before.

    I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to greet me daily and share their experiences both in and out of the game with me. Those who shared their game insights and participated in the fun events we held both on forums and the Discord. The ones who came to every livestream to hype me up and make me feel great about my job here.

    I had a lovely time in Mabinogi. So earnestly thank you for having me as a part of your community.

    From here, I will be moving to another project here at Nexon. I’ll go where I think I’m needed most. I won’t see many of you until we have more CM collaboration events like last year’s Halloween or Christmas livestreams, but I hope that when we do I can see some familiar faces once again.

    Take care!
    - Kyrios
  • [FWD] You broke it, it was perfect and nexon just

    Forwarding this issue. If you guys can provide more in-depth details it would be hugely appreciated, since it doesn't seem to be affecting everyone (which makes it harder to diagnose the exact issue).
  • Catsidhe Life skill training bonus for Pet trainer

    Wanted to bump this topic. Today's patch added it finally!
  • Quality of Life Update


    The September Update brings with it a slew of quality of life improvements to the game! Check out all of the changes on its dedicated webpost!
  • Campfire Spirit - Patch Notes - September 10th

    Check out all of the details of this month's Patch Notes, featuring the Campfire Spirit & Quality of Life update!


    The following Events, Sales, and Promotions are running:
    New Updates:
    • The Campfire Spirit & Quality of Life update is now live! Gather round the campfire and invite your friends and favorite NPCs to kick back and relax with you. There are ample changes to make your life in Erinn even better!
    • The Campfire Spirit is an update to the Campfire skill!
      • Check out an in-depth overview of how the Campfire Spirit works on the guide!
      • Earn increased EXP and items for burning items in the campfire.
      • Occasionally obtain Burning Firewood and Campfire Invitations when performing normal burns.
      • Before you set up the Campfire Spirit Campfire, use the Campfire Invitation to invite one Erinn resident to the campfire (note that if you set up a campfire without using the invitation, the invitation will be deleted).
      • Use Burning Firewood to create a Campfire Spirit campfire to summon the Campfire Spirit.
      • Earn additional rewards for burning items at a Campfire Spirit campfire and bonus EXP.
    • Check out all of the awesome quality of life improvements in this update on its dedicated webpost!
      • There are numerous improvements to the pet UI, auction house, Shadow Missions, dressing room, general UI, and inventory!

    The following bug fixes and changes have been made to the game:
    • Fixed the name of a duplicate Cute Heart Star Face Beauty Coupon (F) to Plump Heart Star Face Beauty Coupon (F).
    • Some Shadow Mission Quest titles will no longer display and overlap the mission details in the Quest UI.
    • Added "Pet Training" as a selectable Life Talent to receive a Skill Training EXP 2.0 bonus for the Catsidhe Pet.
    • Fixed the Music Buff Duration of Fleur's Grass Tiara to match the description.
    • Fixed the warning message that appears when buying limited allowable trade items or bidding/enlisting in the Auction House.
    • Fixed overlapping text issue when using a Talent Reset Capsule and scrolling through the description.
    • Fixed an issue where the hair colors from the Spring 2020 Hair Dye Selection Box did not display the color code correctly on Hairstyle Reversion Coupons.
    • Fixed a typo for the Required Materials when making a Courageous Borage Perfume.
    • Fixed a typo in the description of the "Unfading Flower".
    • Changed Homestead item names to be Camping Bicycle, All-Terrain Bike and Trailer, and All-Terrain Bike Set.
    • Fixed the issue where the Windmill Skill of the Gio, Lento, and Alto pets cannot be loaded.
    • Changed the name for Long Wavy Hair Beauty Coupon (F) to Long Wavy Ponytail Hair Beauty Coupon (F).
    • Fixed an issue with overlapping text in Blaanid's Memoir 3 Share Food 50 Times quest.

    The following are known bugs:
    • The thread effects for the Puppetry and Gunslinger skills do not appear properly.
    • The Large Ladle weapon will display as the same item color as the equipped item in the other hand.
    • Cash items purchased with NX Credit will require you to try and claim the items twice before it moves into your inventory.
    • Player character will hold the item Cup o' Joe incorrectly with a closed fist.
    • Incorrect Onlooking Guard Spirit spawns in the third room of the Dynamic Lands dungeon.
    • Slight effects issues with White-Crested Sage's Eyes, Sage's Eye, Forlon Eyes (Teary-Eyed), Awakened Eyes (Frenzied Red), and Eyes of Madness (Explosive Blue).
    • Minor graphical issues with Soldier's Combat Raincoat.
    • There is a known issue where characters can no longer "queue" gathering actions.
    • The gold and ducats bar is misaligned in the main inventory.
    • Pop-up UI message will have the header display as "OK" when listing or bidding in the Auction House.
    • The Lucky Beast Doll Bag and Far Darrig Doll Bag's +10 Luck effects don't stack with each other.
    • Some mail sent by Erinn Residents invited to a Spirit Campfire may have cutoff text.