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  • Let's earn points today glitch

    I had the same issue, but I figured out how to get around it. I switched to a different channel (I am usually on Nao ch1 and I just switched to ch2), summoned and kept my pet out for 30 min and it completed the quest. Maybe try that, and/or keeping a different pet out.

    EDIT: Today I did not switch channels, but instead kept a different pet out and the quest completed, so maybe just keeping a different pet out is the way to do it. If it still doesn't complete, then doing the method above should hopefully work.
  • Inventory System Changes

    There's a search function. It highlights the items in your inventory. Also, you need to organize...yikes...
  • [EXTENDED] Sound of Spring: Love Blooms

    CDMaril wrote: »
    so how is this event work??
    "Complete the daily quest a total of 22 times: Homestead Cherry Blossom Tree and Pond" is that means i have to save up 22 notes to turn in for the Homestead Cherry Blossom Tree and Pond?

    The daily quest requires you to turn in Heidi's note for a bouquet, which you then deliver to Luke. You only need to do that once to finish the daily quest, and you have to do the daily quest 22 times to get the Cherry Blossom Tree and Pong.

    However, you can stay logged in for two hours to get all six notes, which you can turn in for boxes which have the homestead props in them.

  • @Nexon, it's time to stop.


    OP, I can understand your frustration, but like others have said, Nexon isn't forcing you to buy gacha. If you want a specific item, buy it off another player that had a little more luck. Also:
    Nemesis wrote: »
    How do you spend 9 years playing Mabinogi and still not understand how gachapons work?

  • Uplifting Event

    To be honest, I was a little surprised, and disappointed, that the music quest didn't have you play music at all. I was also hoping it would lead to Nele or Yvona, and perhaps have you run Math Musical Dungeon. Ah well, I've already finished the music questline, so onto the next!