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  • Men's wear vs Women's wear

    Which is more your preference?
    Girls clothes. I just like how a lot of them look. They're so cute! If I could sew I would definitely try to make cosplays out of them.

    Which do you have more in your collection?
    Female clothes, since I play a female character.

    Your favorite outfit among your wardrobe stash?
    Top 3 would be:
    1. Crinoline Dress
    2. Floral Fairy
    3. Vampire Hunter

    Your outfits' colors...
    I always wear the Bat Crown because I like having the purple (and dark) skin tone for my elf. My Twilight Glass Wings are also purple, so my color scheme is purple and white.
  • Need help with skills such as...

    Arcata wrote: »
    wait, so what does paladin do?? (i guess dark knight is better???) Dream carchers? sounds interesting.... I want to know what falcons does too xP
    (Elves? I heard they are fast walkers but idk much about em....)
    A Paladin is the transformation that humans get once they finish G2. They do not have any transformation specific skill, unlike the Dark Knights with their taming skill. Elves gain a Falcon transformation that is the equivalent to a human's Paladin or Dark Knight trans, and is also obtained from finishing G2. Giants get a Savage Beast transformation, also equivalent to a human's trans. If you would like to know more about elves and giants, the wiki link someone quoted earlier can give you more information. You can also go to Filia or Vales in Iria and talk to the respective leaders of those towns, Castenea or King Krug, and pledge your alliance to elves or giants, thus gaining a free elf or giant character card that you can use to make a new elf or giant character.

    A dream catcher is the item use have to use to be able to transform into different NPC's or monsters. You will eventually get a quest for Transformation Mastery that will have you talk to Shamala in Cor Village. By completing the quest, you will gain the Transformation Mastery skill. Shamala should give you a dream catcher for free, there is no need to go and buy one.

  • ..Hello...

    Arcata wrote: »
    Yokkaichi wrote: »
    Arcata wrote: »
    Opalthira wrote: »
    Theres an action called toss stone it lets you pull a single mob without pulling anything else if you use it correctly.

    I don't have it yet apparently....
    (idk how to learn more skills.... looks like books aren't method to learn skills... only for basic skills? I guess)
    Rock Throwing is the name of the skill, and it's technically not a skill, it's an action which means it can't be ranked up. I think the default key to open up the Actions window is 'N,' it'll be there.

    I only have continental warp, play dead, and attack... (maybe I'm too new atm)
    Then you'll probably get it from doing your beginner quests. I can't remember which quest you get it from, though.
  • Squires........

    The cheat sheet also has a Youtube video that explains this in depth:
  • How much do you spend on gachas?

    Honestly, my luck is so bad that I'm genuinely surprised when I get some good items from gacha. I just buy $10-$20 worth to see what I can get, and if it's not anything that great, I sell the things I don't want, and save up for the thing I do want. I think the only gacha I've played where I got the item I wanted, the Twilight Glass Wings, was in the gacha it first appeared in, I can't remember which one.