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  • Confirmed ; G21 this winter (kr)

    Koken wrote: »
    Reading through this thread brings back an old itch of mine from the ancient forums.
    To see an Elf QQ thread spawn once more into this cold, dead, plane, of a forum.

    All I can say is. QQ Moar. You sorry sacks of flesh that call yourselves elves, you whine and cry on every issue, be it fashionogi or combat to even events made for fun. May you forever rot in the great shadows cast by the Elves of KR Mabinogi, for you disgrace the very species you claim to be part.

    Now, I do see some elves that are stepping up to fill that shadow. Not to knock on those respectable elves that pulled themselves out of the shadow of rot. Those elves do not QQ, for QQing is to stagnate, it is to cry about the changing status quo. You must adapt and fly like the falcons you are or have your wings clipped by staying on the changing ground.

    While we beasts seem like we can take and dish out far greater than you in damage you will come to realize that your target game is far greater than ours. You can obliterate those that we cannot, the things that are immune to our wind and can cause it to falter.

    All I see in you elves who whine and cry is simply, greed. You want to be the best in everything with no one ever reaching the halfway point of the pillar dedicated to your greatness.

    So I say, Go Ahead, QQ Moar. It will make it easier to spot elves worth of their name so that others may help them move forward.



  • Another Server Merge thread

    Faithrend wrote: »
    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    Can we merge the server merge threads?

    Why so they can be hidden in the suggestion section

    Yes. We get these threads, like, every week. It's the exact same suggestion, so there's no need to make multiple threads about it.
  • did Mabi just die?

    Seems like it might be affecting everyone. Guess we'll have to wait until it gets fixed...hopefully...
  • Holiday Changes to Some Areas

    Yokkaichi wrote: »
    They used to do that for Halloween and Christmas, not sure why they stopped. I support this though, I liked seeing the decorations.

    Do they not still do this anymore? D: I can't remember what happened last Fall/Winter...whether they had the decorations or not.

    I do remember playing for the first time, years ago, and seeing the decorations and thinking they were so cool . ;-; I'm sad if they took this out.

    I don't think they put up the decorations last year, so hopefully they do this year! I'd really like to see them again!
  • Holiday Changes to Some Areas

    They used to do that for Halloween and Christmas, not sure why they stopped. I support this though, I liked seeing the decorations.