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  • Another Server Merge thread

    Faithrend wrote: »
    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    Can we merge the server merge threads?

    Why so they can be hidden in the suggestion section

    Yes. We get these threads, like, every week. It's the exact same suggestion, so there's no need to make multiple threads about it.
  • did Mabi just die?

    Seems like it might be affecting everyone. Guess we'll have to wait until it gets fixed...hopefully...
  • Holiday Changes to Some Areas

    Yokkaichi wrote: »
    They used to do that for Halloween and Christmas, not sure why they stopped. I support this though, I liked seeing the decorations.

    Do they not still do this anymore? D: I can't remember what happened last Fall/Winter...whether they had the decorations or not.

    I do remember playing for the first time, years ago, and seeing the decorations and thinking they were so cool . ;-; I'm sad if they took this out.

    I don't think they put up the decorations last year, so hopefully they do this year! I'd really like to see them again!
  • Holiday Changes to Some Areas

    They used to do that for Halloween and Christmas, not sure why they stopped. I support this though, I liked seeing the decorations.
  • Which server should I officially start on?

    Fruitcakke wrote: »
    Again, thank you all for the insightful comments! I'll definitely try out each individual server to see which I find myself fond of most.
    Didn't mean for the thread to spiral out like this, but hey, I got some helpful information! :)

    I think that's definitely the best idea. At the end of the day, what other people value might not be the same as what you value. Having a high population doesn't necessarily make a server the best if you're like me and happen to hate crowds (but you may not be like me at all and love crowds!). And just as there are benefits to a high population (more people to chat with, raid with, party with, Festia, better/lower prices at market, etc), there are benefits to having a low population (standing a better chance of winning cooking/fashion contests, better ancient monster hunting, better chance at becoming Royal Alchemist, can mass hunt a specific monster without bothering anyone, etc). It all really depends on what you value, not what someone on the forum tells you to value.

    Well said! :)