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  • Which server should I officially start on?

    Fruitcakke wrote: »
    Again, thank you all for the insightful comments! I'll definitely try out each individual server to see which I find myself fond of most.
    Didn't mean for the thread to spiral out like this, but hey, I got some helpful information! :)

    I think that's definitely the best idea. At the end of the day, what other people value might not be the same as what you value. Having a high population doesn't necessarily make a server the best if you're like me and happen to hate crowds (but you may not be like me at all and love crowds!). And just as there are benefits to a high population (more people to chat with, raid with, party with, Festia, better/lower prices at market, etc), there are benefits to having a low population (standing a better chance of winning cooking/fashion contests, better ancient monster hunting, better chance at becoming Royal Alchemist, can mass hunt a specific monster without bothering anyone, etc). It all really depends on what you value, not what someone on the forum tells you to value.

    Well said! :)
  • Mystic Memory Box

    Elm wrote: »
    Where can I find the Exchange Shop icon? It's probably somewhere really obvious since there's no explanation for how we can access it, but I just don't see it anywhere >_<

    It's an icon in game underneathe the rebirth button. It's green with a pair of white wings.
  • Looking for a Partner

    watercat0 wrote: »
    @Gaea Rurui will not help the user, its a very common fact that when people try to help each other in those lonely severs, they will leave them behind. we have threads and threads about it.

    @Hutwsay join alexandria sever, lots of people and lot more active people who might help. Gaea speaks lies about the other servers, we all know how dead they are and everyone has been asking for a sever merch for a lot time.

    Oh and also once you pick a server you cant transfer it, that character stays there. cant move it or anything. this is something Gaea trys to hide.

    Well they also get free character cards, enough to make one character on each server, then judge for themselves as to which server they want to stay on. Honestly, it's not the end of the world if someone new decides to try a server other than Alexina.
  • Real Talk: The Gender Imbalance in Mabi

    Zeo wrote: »
    To be honest... I'm quite glad the male outfits are cheaper and less in demand because I can buy them for cheaper and not have to worry about buying extremely expensive items that female characters use...

    I like the idea of making outfits unisex but I feel it'd make the price be more worse as both male and female players try to get the same item... maybe just make the (M) and (F) version of the identical outfits or something?

    I kinda prefer just having one unisex outfit than two separate identical outfits for each gender. [then again its just my personal problem for playing both genders] It's just one more outfit to re-dye for me, and having a color code that doesn't exist on a dye palette and only in dye gachapon :').....

    //stares at both m&f treasure hunter/special double breasted suit/ nuadha robe/ etc eluned outfits
    William's preppy outfit was a godsend to me

    also I rather just pay for it once than pay for it twice :I...
    For me

    Unisex clothing>gender restricted clothing>gender and race restricted clothing

  • My best friend scammed me

    Basically, yes. Nexon isn't entirely responsible for you losing your stuff if you willingly gave your password to someone else.