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  • The weekly server merge thread

    Rhey wrote: »
    JoeyDee9 wrote: »
    -I don't want all four merged either. Merge Ruairi and Tarlach, leave Mari and Alexina alone.
    B-Bu-But...I wanna meet and greet Joey-senpai!~I can show U my collections of shiny stuffz and we can run things and U let me see those 100k flamebursts in action...? sorry.gif

    Also dat shipping~RuairiXTarlach~

    The fanfic is strong dere. inlove.gif


    Y E S
  • Looking for a Partner

  • Tea Gachapon and Gachapon in General

    They won't put it on an outfit card like they did a long time ago, but I do miss having outfits directly purchased via outfit shopping bags. I can't remember the last new outfits we got that were not put in gachapon. But for now, the Afternoon Tea outfit set is in the gachapon already, so I doubt they will make it a standalone purchase. Your best bet is to try and buy it off another player who's selling it.
  • The New Gen's Guide to Veteran Mabinogi Terms

    Falcondae wrote: »
    Thought I'd add more to this only because I'm one of those older players and I have had some people ask about what G# /Gen# means when I respond to their party ads... XD

    Old-School Generations List

    G1- Advent of the Goddess
    G2 - Paladin
    G3 - Dark Knights
    G4 ~ G6 - Explorers of Iria (NA got the entire continent of Iria in one super expansion; In Korea, it was separated. G4 - Explorers of Iria, G5 - Elves of the Desert, and G6 - Giants of the Snowfield)
    G7 - Ancient Secrets of the Irinid
    G8 - Dragons
    G9 - Alchemy
    G10 - Goddess of Light
    G11 - Sword of the Gods
    G12 - Return of the Hero
    G13 - Hamlet
    G14 - Romeo and Juliet
    G15 - Merchant of Venice
    G16 - Macbeth
    G17 - The Classic

    I did leave after G17 so I'm not sure what the others are after that other than G19 and G20 are related to the Alban Knights, just I don't know the subtitle for those ^^;

    Adding "Final" after a generation number usually denotes the Final Boss battle for that story arc and may require a small party if the player is unable to solo. Bear in mind that there are also some finals that are solo only (Forget which ones... it's been too long).
    Adding on to where you left off:

    G17 - Shamala and Nightmare
    G18 - Saga Iria/Saga Iria: II
    G19 - The Divine Knights
    G20 - The Gate of Sanctuary

    Names of Towns
    Tir - Tir Chonaill
    Dunby - Dunbarton
    Tail - Taillteann

    Dura - Durability
    Es - Enchant
    Ego - Spirit Weapon
    CC - Chaincast

    Party Ads
    B> - Buying
    T> - Trading
    S> - Selling
    WTB> - Willing to Buy
    WTS> - Willing to Sell
    WTT> - Willing to Trade
    LF> - Looking For
    R> - Recruit

    CP - Combat Power (how strong your character is compared to the monsters you face, indicated by pressing 'left alt' which displays in front of the monsters' name. In order: weakest, weak, normal (will appear without a tag), strong (powerful), awful (very powerful), boss.)
    AR - Arrow Revolver (archery skill)
    WM - Windmill (combat skill)
    FH - Final Hit (combat skill; human only)
    FS - Final Shot (archery skill; elf only)
    CS - Crash Shot (archery skill)
    Magnum - Magnum Shot (archery skill)
    IS - Ice Spear (magic skill)
    FB - Fireball (magic skill)
    TH - Thunder (magic skill)
    PH - Party Heal (magic skill)
    Insp - Inspiration (magic skill)
    Hydra - Hydra Transmutation (alchemy skill)
    MK - Musical Knowledge (music skill)
    Overture - Battlefield Overture (music skill)
    Enduring - Enduring Melody (music skill)
    Trans - Transformation (temporarily become a powerful alter ego that differs by race. Available after finishing G2. Humans = Paladins/Dark Knights (DK only available after finishing G3); Elves = Falcons; Giants = Beasts)
    Demi - Demigod (lets you temporarily have the power of the gods and gives you certain unique skills. Available after completing G10. All Demigod skills available after completing G12.)

  • Peddler Event

    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    To add on to this, here is a small list of things you can do while waiting to get coins:
    Run shadow missions
    Do any storylines you have left
    Do Martial Arts at Avon
    Run Dungeons alone
    Run Dungeons with friends
    Browse the market
    Set up a shop
    Talk to people
    Hang out with people
    Duel people interested in dueling
    Go get a drink
    Make some lunch/dinner
    Read the forums
    Post on the forums
    Read a book
    Check whatever social media you use
    Praise the local chicken god
    Plan ways to destroy the fabric of the universe
    Play a nice board game with friends (virtual board games count)
    Watch some Anime
    Watch some Cartoons
    Watch things on youtube
    Listen to music
    And so much more.
    Two of these things is not like the others...