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  • I got messaged by a mean drunk

    Oh okay.
    Helsa wrote: »
    It's a moot point since, the admins can read PMs, they can find out who it is anyway without you telling them and may do so since this public post has alerted them.

    I don't mind admins. It's the normal members I'm protecting name from.

    Good, they'll see the full context. They were being mean, so I pm them something mean back. Then when I decided I should ease up & leave them alone they tell me to "f***k off". I'm so offended by that ! It makes me want to annoy them again.

    I tried being the bigger man, but if they want to be sensitive and immature, I'll be immature too. Plus, it made me cry and I want everyone to see why I'm so sad. ( ц︵ц)
  • I got messaged by a mean drunk

    Helsa wrote: »
    Since you know who they are, if the mystery person is Crims themself, then this really looks like a threat to Crims. I'm pretty sure that a threat is so much more of a no-no than using a four-letter word in private chat which, from the image above, was used to simply say "leave me alone". Still confused.

    It's not Crims. It's not anyone. So it's not a threat and should not be perceived that way.

    I'm not going to report anyone or do anything, obviously. All I wanted was advice from the forum veterans. It's a nobody for all you know, someone's alt, maybe a disgruntled ex.

    I'm just sharing an image that was really, really funny.
  • I got messaged by a mean drunk

    Helsa wrote: »
    "..."I'm so confused.

    O, I know who they are. I'm pretending to not know to protect their identity, out of courtesy.
    Sorry, I was in a silly mood.
  • I got messaged by a mean drunk

    Crims wrote: »
    I think we should all just move on.

    We? Well, you can leave if you want. You don't need to comment all the time. In fact, try not replying to this.

    I prefer to stay. Besides, it's none of your business what I do.
  • I got messaged by a mean drunk

    *sorry, I will edit out the bad word
    Crims wrote: » should really censor that cuss word there. You can't even show any examples of profanity in featured in screenshots and other media publicly. :smirk:

    Ah, Crims you've been here a long time so you know the guidelines and community. Do you have any idea what I'm supposed to do or who sent this? Should I just report it?

    I'm being serious, I mean, I'm basically a new player and this is how I'm welcomed.