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  • [EVENT] Sunflower Event

    For anyone else that may have had trouble finding, the Sunflower Shop is through Sentimental Old Woman in the top right:


    Also, event water bottle appears in "Me" tab first, if there's room there.
  • Freebies or [to take your mind off the apocalypse]

    Marielx wrote: »
    So amazing, and the background makes it look so fancy, like shes on an armory, or a noble-like room.

    Thank you very much!

    You're welcome. Fitting for a battle maid. :)
    pyOCFbA.jpg draw me too please if you're still doing these

    Thank you for being kind. I hope you like it.

  • oh boi paid event items now

    AwwPickles wrote: »

    Is anyone complaining that there will be more of these materials in circulation or that free users have access, too? It seems like it's more about discrepencies between rates of getting key and the reward/percentages.

    If Forgotten Tomb was a permanent feature (like reforges) it might be different, but some free users maybe feel they don't have a fair chance within the time limit of event ending.

    This part is personal opinion, but I dislike when discussions turn into the semantics of term "P2W". Some say it only counts for PVP, but it's often used relative to whatever task the person is trying to do. It's all advantageos pay, some just use term as shorthand.
  • Cotton Candy Sheep Event! 5/14/20-6/4/20

    Mine is at 240cm something, but no bubble blower. :(
    Crims wrote: »
    Like Trump, dude needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut. Insert foot, once again.

    So should I put my foot in your mouth, or will you use your own? You try to change subject once you realize I have nothing to hide.

    It's okay for everyone else to blame russians or make comments, but if I want to defend myself I'm the one that needs to "let it go" (Wolfsinger, you have "no opinion" yet you Like every comment against me. That makes you a hypocrite).
  • Homestead Elegant Lotus Healing Bathtub

    Why didn't they test after buying 1? I guess that's the downside to using flowery language for print ad.
    Radiant DawnWolfsinger