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  • G21 The New Divinity

    Oh you only need 30% to end the fight? Maybe I should've kept shelling out for naos. I was at 50% and decided enough was enough and closed my attempts for the day.

    I got crusader skill locked and died again but I think I have a hunch on how to dodge it which is by using the teleportation or the other skill when he's trying to use that spike like skill on you. It's still super bull though since you have no way of dodging or defending against that effect until you're transed.

    I don't want to waste more naos/guardians/adv feathers from other people to mitigate deaths to that pre-trans phase of the fight. And that's assuming that is even the correct way to defend/dodge that effect. Maybe it doesn't work, maybe it does but i'll have to spend like 3-5 naos figuring out the timing/sound cue/animation cue on how to beat it.

    I get it's a boss fight but it shouldn't be as tedious as it is to get to the trans phase of the fight at least imo >_>
  • New Story [SPOILERS(maybe?)]

    Holy crap seeing the dates attached to each of the gens makes me feel old.
  • I have been Scammed!!!!!

    And here I thought you were going to talk about homunculi and how half a city got implanted into your body just because you got scammed. Whoopsy.
  • MMO Junkie Ep.8 Reaction (Spoilers)

    Greta wrote: »
    Cringed so hard at the episode 8. Especially at the flashbacks. Oh and also it's ridiculous how Morioka suddenly is blushing and fan-girling at Sakurai when she found out that he is the same guy from the old MMO which she loved a lot. She's at her 30's, but the way she acts gives me the impression of 16-18 year old.

    >Watching this show with your brain on

    It's pretty meh-ridiculous most of the time anyway. I only even enjoy watching it because I have nothing better to do while eating and mabi references/gender bender shenanigans tbh.
  • Anyone Else Still Getting Acorns?

    LF>Disable acorn spawning button