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  • Alltur and Altam ???

    In true sincerity, maybe it is Latin?

    it is latin, and it apparently means
    "Courage becomes stronger in danger."
    interesting to think about though
  • Another event RUINED for the RNG

    Nilrem wrote: »
    Arjune wrote: »
    you gotta realize there's a LOT of players that don't even have 1 mil...and if they do, they have more important things to spend it on. When I was a newbie I played for like 2 years before I ever had even 1 mil.... but then again back then only premium users could even set up a damn shop. it's much easier now, but still not that easy... so when you say "2-4 mil is 'cheap'" I'm sure there's a lot of poorer players that would cringe

    It isn't that new players can't get that gold, its that they don't know they CAN make that gold.

    How to make 1 mil without any kind of level needed:
    1. Sell 1-4 event items on the market
    2. You have 1mil now, keep going for more

    This is sort of why I teach most new players I meet how to make gold.
    And then a month later they already handle millions of gold and easily play the game.

    And yeah, as far as wings go, 2-4 mil is amazingly cheap.
    Compare it to things like 80m Incu wings on Tarlach, and it becomes more obvious.

    Well that's only if you're lucky to get the RNG for the good event items that will even sell, not to mention the fact that some people don't have the time to leave a computer running 24/7 just for the hope that anything will even sell in their shop. If either of those don't work you have to underprice things on purpose just to trick the flippers into buying them. and then you go check out their shop and the item they had just scalped off of you just instantly sells and now you hate your life because the only other method of making money was nerfed into the ground (conflict).
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Toon wrote: »
    I'm sorry but this post and almost all the comments are the epitome of stupidity towards this game. Literally almost every single one of the comments are wrong. And this just seems to be a trend in this forum. I'm honestly curious, how many of you still play the game, vs how many of you have quit? I'm not going to point fingers and I'm not going to tell you what is wrong since that obviously doesn't work, I'm just going to post two video examples, one of Phantasm and one of Alby, so that you have ele content and phantasm as examples. and This is how elves are played, and don't go saying bla bla other region, since they are in the same patch as ours. In fact they have even less damage, since no creepy haunted. Elves are the best race, followed by humans and then giants. The reason humans are above giants is because giants lack an efficient bossing tool, and they lack crash shot. Archery is the strongest skillset in almost all content of the game, only being weaker to blaze in phantasm and ice spear in alban. And even humans use archery and crash shot, good ones at least. I'll get you a video of that as well. . So please, if you do not know what you're speaking of, just don't. It is really cringy reading all this and imo it's why NA is the fashion region, and is so far behind compared to the other regions, despite having more damage potential.

    If you're concerned about shadow missions, which seems to be the only content you run, there's wiz HM run on the youtube channel.

    So what you're saying is we have to shill out money out the end for over 10 bone dragons and tons of reforges to be able to easily clear content? Because what I see is someone who has tons of reforges and tons of pets to spam while they load up their skills. That isn't what the argument is about. Yea they clear it really easy, but that's in KOREA where latency basically doesn't exist.

    The point I see with this thread is to make archery viable WITHOUT reforges and without having to spend tons of money for pets for def/prot reduction in order to do enough damage to reliably solo content. Archery basically went unchanged throughout its existence. Case in point: Final shot, it used to reduce archery skill load times but after Genesis got rid of skill load times that part of final shot became useless. Add on to the fact that it still has load times and it became a glorified aim speed boost

    Then there is the fact that aiming is still a thing, other than the flat luck chance to miss, archery is the ONLY talent left that can even miss. People are arguing that archery should be able to clear content reliably without needing to get all these reforges and pets to clear content. its a slow talent and if you try and go into groups while maining archery, most people won't take you because they want fast clear times, and by the time you have one shot off 90% of the room is dead or just the room is cleared.

    Coming from playing since 2009, archery used to be viable with just stats and a decent bow. you didn't need to spend so much gold/money to be able to clear content with archery, but now it seems like its necessary or else you just lag behind. That's dumb and people have been trying to get that fixed for ages now. and just because you can clear content with it does not mean it isn't broken and needs to be fixed. i bet you at least 80% of archers wont be able to do the things in the videos you sent because getting the gold and pets and reforges is too tall an order for them.
  • Statistical Debate Forum Regarding Race Imbalance


    You neglect the fact that shylien nature reserve exists, and that without the ancient elven technology with things like staves and shylien caused staves like the hermit staff or much later the celtic stuff to exist.

    still, elves need better magic, not to mention our bolt ap costs.
  • Mabinogi Streams!

    Speaking of streams on the test server, you think that we could get something like a public test server? it would be really nice to have. we could also run streams on that, have the community get a feel for new content and possibly report bugs before the update hits.