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  • PeachyOpal's Art Shop

    @AnitaCristi No worries at all <3 Thank you so much for the update!
    It's looking adorable so far ; u ; I'm not sure if you're already planning to add these at a later point, but could you be sure to add in Zora's earrings at some point please? c: The lineart is looking so nice! The amount of detail on Rayne's outfit is wonderful and Zora looks precious. I'm excited to see them colored. Thank you so much again <3
  • °˖✧Izsu's Art n' Stuff✧˖°

    Awesome! <3 I love it. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
  • Pyonko's Chibi Freebies

    @Pyonchi Haha it's all good! Oh goodness that is just adorable ; o ; And your digital chibis are so cute. I love how big her ears are, so cute. And I love the highlights in her hair as well. My friend thinks its adorable as well! Thank you soo much, I really do appreciate it a ton <3
  • °˖✧Izsu's Art n' Stuff✧˖°

    @Izsumi123 Aah that is so cute ; u ; I love it so far! I love that her store sign has "stolen" scratched out xD And she looks so cute in your style too. It would be wonderful if you could add the strips of hair by the sides of her face to the final, if possible please? c: Otherwise it's looking adorable, thank you so much again! I can pay whenever, just send me another junk item in the mail for 4mil and I will pay ASAP <3
  • °˖✧Izsu's Art n' Stuff✧˖°

    Yayy awesome <3 I'm very excited to see how she looks in your style as well.

    IGN: Faiflowright (Mari) / Nyaa (Alexina) - I will be paying with Mari gold but I am mostly on Alexina if you need to contact me faster.
    Payment: 2.5mil+ Mari gold, please feel free to let me know if you'd like more for the background.
    Reference: Leila, I think I would prefer if she didn't have anything on if that's alright with you, as I haven't designed her a proper outfit ; u ; Please keep in mind the important info listed in bold on her page.
    Background: I would love to see her in a medieval kingdom's marketplace, similar to this but perhaps not as fancy looking and with cobblestone-like walls. There would be booths like in that picture set up to sell items, although Leila's booth would be more thrown-together and messier looking than the others (tattered cloth, old wood, etc., basically make-shift looking like she's found the materials and sloppily put them together). She sells black market goods, so I think it would be nice if it was late evening time, so it's like she's sneakily selling the goods at night. There would be banners hung around, like the triangle ones in that picture I linked or like these and maybe flag banners hanging off the walls like that first picture has, or like these (they definitely don't have to have intricate designs like this lol). The other booths would be selling general kingdom goods such as foods, clothes, weapons, armors, etc. However, her booth would either be covered hiding what she's selling or it would have black market goods. I think these goods would be like, stolen and makeshift/counterfeit weapons/armor/goods, and I think it would be funny if she could have a sign messily scribbled out for some of them or for her shop in general, something stating that the goods are way better than they actually are haha, and that there are no guarantees on her items. Basically anything to make her booth look shady and suspicious compared to the other booths would be great to see xD Her prices may be a bit high, too, since she's greedy. It'd be great if there could be an alleyway beside her booth, ending with an entrance to somewhere that was sloppily hidden by her throwing random things (crates, cloths, etc.) on top it.
    Pose: It would be great to see her holding up and presenting one of her items to try to get the buyer to purchase it, with a greedy and mischievous look on her face. Perhaps doing a come-hither motion or beckoning the viewer over in some way?
    Other: Please let me know if you have any questions at all, or if anything isn't doable. WIPs would be very much loved again. Thank you :D