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  • Some work by me and pyonko

    @Roelette Aah thank you so much! ; u ; My friend loves it too, she thinks it's very cute <3
  • PeachyOpal's Art Shop

    @AnitaCristi Aah that looks adorable yess <3 And goodness, I just love how you draw Rayne and Zora looks so cute, as well. Thank you so much for the changes and the WIPs! :D
  • °˖✧Izsu's Art n' Stuff✧˖°

    @Izsumi123 Aah awesome, thank you! ; u ;

    IGN: Faiflowright (Mari) / Nyaa (Alexina) - I will be paying with Mari gold but I am mostly on Alexina if you need to contact me faster.
    Payment: 2.5mil+ Mari gold, please feel free to let me know if you'd like more for this background idea.
    Reference: Mel in her pink baking outfit, please c: Please keep in mind the important info listed in bold on her page.
    Background: Something similar to the ones you've done, cutesy and colorful, but it would be lovely if this one could be Valentine's Day themed, please :3 Lots of pinks/reds but where Mel still stands out if possible, since Mel's outfit is already pink I wouldn't want her getting too lost in the background, if that makes sense. It'd be great to see her helping out in a bakery that's having a Valentine's Day sale, with something like a sign that says "Happy Valentine's Day" somewhere and maybe some of the bakery's sales listed somewhere if you'd think it'd suit it. I'd love to see the container they keep cakes in similar to this but with more Valentines-themed ones like this and this. A tiered stand like this somewhere would be cute, and the treats on that look adorable as well. Cupcakes, cakes, macarons, any other Valentine's treats would be great to see. I'd love to see some chocolate dipped strawberries as well, like these and/or these somewhere c: Like my other order, definitely don't feel like you have to add absolutely everything, please have fun with it and do what you think looks best <3 Hopefully all of those links work properly.
    Pose: Something similar to this pose would be wonderful. She would be happily working on the cake with a determined and passionate look, instead. The cake would probably be on some type of stand, she would not be wobbling on the chair like she's about to fall off, and the cake would look cleaner hehe. She may have gotten a bit of frosting on her outfit and face though!
    Other: Please let me know if you have any questions at all! Especially if the way I've worded something doesn't make sense, I'm still under the weather so I hope my wording is alright. WIPs would be very much loved again. Thank you so much.
  • Some work by me and pyonko

    Ooh those pins are so cute. The lantern one is so cool as well! And your puppy is adorable ;; I will definitely be sure to show some friends the pins <3 Good luck to both of you!

    As for something to draw, if she interests you, would you maybe like to draw something of my best friend's character? c:
  • °˖✧Izsu's Art n' Stuff✧˖°

    @Izsumi123 Aah oh my goodness, it turned out soo cute ; o ; I love how colorful you make these, they really have such a cute feel. I love the little stars, and the little feathers everywhere are adorable xD They really look so wonderful in your style! If you're alright with color changes, would you be able to change Rayne's dark gray eye marking to be similar to how you've done Zora's? It's just on her eyelid, like how Zora's eye markings are c: And could you add Rayne's dark gray lip marking, and make the heart on her chest outlined dark gray with the lightest gray in the center, please? And for Zora could you flip the colors on her ears (purple outer ear on our left and black outer ear on our right), make the inside of her mouth the same pink as her nose, and maybe add her tongue piercing if you think it'd show? Please definitely feel free to let me know if any of the changes are asking too much, or if you'd like me to better explain something. <3 This is such an adorable picture, and I'm so happy with how fast you've done it as well! All of the Pokemon are precious too. Aah it's gonna make such a cute desktop background ; u ; And I'll definitely see if I can order another from you soon! Thank you soo much.