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  • PeachyOpal's Art Shop

    @AnitaCristi Aah that is looking adorable so far! <3
    The idea is so cute, though could you have the snake coming out of the box into Zora's hands and maybe add some ribbon to the sides of box to make it look like a present, if it isn't much hassle? I feel like that way it would come off more as though the snake was the gift, if that is alright with you. Honestly it looks adorable though, I love how you've drawn both of them so far. Thank you so much for the WIP!
  • DAN's Expensive Art Shop [half ded] PP/GOLD

    @lilblkrose Aah, thank you so much! And that's understandable haha, no worries though :3 My friend has been busy today with Christmas so I'm giving her the art later tonight when she's free. I'm very excited to show her this! Thank you very much, it really means a lot <3
  • Portrait Shop ☆ Gold/NX

    Hi there! Your art looks lovely <3 I'd like to order something, please c: So long as OCs are alright with you.

    IGN: Faiflowright (Mari) / Nyaa (Alexina) - I will be paying with Mari gold, but I am usually on Alexina if you need to contact me in-game.
    Commission Type: Half-body
    Payment: 5mil gold
    Character Reference: (please keep in mind the important info listed in bold on her page; she belongs to my best friend)
    It would be wonderful if you could please draw her in a keyhole sweater (scroll down for more pics if needed) c: Feel free to add a scarf as well if you'd like (her key necklace would still show!), and feel free to have fun and make her piercings winter-themed. Any pants/bottoms are fine, if they happen to show. The highlights in her hair would be blue.
    Pose Suggestion: If it's alright for me to suggest a pose idea, t'd be great if you could do something somewhat similar to this (doesn't have to be exact), with her wrapping her arms around herself a bit to keep warm. She'd have a more pleasant expression aha, and/or one that looks as though she is interested in the viewer, and maybe her breath would show a bit?

    Please let me know if anything isn't alright with you, or if you have any questions! Thank you :D
  • Dango's Christmas Event ♥ All gifts Posted ♥

    ⍟Gift box Picked: #8 please :3
    ⍟References: (my best friend's character)
    If you'd like, could you draw her in a keyhole sweater (scroll down for more reference images) please? c: Feel free to draw whatever pants/bottoms you'd like on her, and add a scarf too if you'd like! I feel like it'd make a nice winter outfit for her. Please feel free to have fun with the design of it, and feel free to make her piercings winter-themed if you'd like. If you do draw her in this, the highlights in her hair would be blue (if you happen to color it).

    Thank you so much for the opportunity and for holding this event!
  • (closed) ● Art Shop ● (Happy holidays everyone!)

    Hey there again c:
    I was wondering if you think it'd be possible to finish a bust up before Christmas?
    If so, I'm interested in ordering something again! If not, I still may go ahead and order anyways, hehe. I still love how you drew Ki'ana <3