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  • Hart's Art Shop CLOSEDヾ(^∇^)

    I'd like to order a few things please :3 WIPs would definitely be appreciated, let me know if you have any questions about either order or character. Feel free to let me know if you don't feel comfortable drawing Leila, since she's a slime girl. You're free to draw a medieval-themed cloak and leather armor on her if you're uncomfortable drawing her without clothes.

    IGN: Nyaa (Alexina)
    Contact Info: I will PM you my Skype if that is okay c:
    Payment Amount: 400k
    Order Description: 2 separate colored sketchy icons of (in the outfit on the bottom left of the first picture, the one with a tie and jeans) and
    Additional Info: For Ki'ana, maybe a pose/expression similar to this? And for Leila, maybe something like this or this? c: For style, I'd prefer the style you've done in the sketchy icon examples.
  • ლ(●ↀωↀ●)ლ summer art shop ლ(●ↀωↀ●)ლ

    @gaen12 Sounds good, thanks :D I'm excited
  • Moist Art Shop (*≧∀≦*) New Examples!!!

    @Vagesty It's no worries! And I do love it, so it is okay c: I love how she looks in your style. Thank you so much again.
  • Moist Art Shop (*≧∀≦*) New Examples!!!

    @Vagesty Whoo thank you so much :3 I think the hair on Ki'ana still needs to be changed, if you don't mind? If it isn't a hassle, I meant to add the medium brown color more like this, if that makes sense? It would be right above where you have the blonde, and it would be done in the same way you colored in the blonde, it would just be higher and a different color. I don't know a better way to explain it, so if it is too much of a bother then it is okay ; u ; And could you make the gem in her choker the same light blue color you have the gem in her belly button piercing? Again, if I'm asking for too much please let me know. Rayne is perfect now, and everything else on Ki'ana is wonderful, thank you! I really appreciate the time you've taken to do the changes.
  • Moist Art Shop (*≧∀≦*) New Examples!!!

    @Vagesty Sorry for my replies being so slow! ; u ;
    I love them both :D You did a great job on both of the poses, and thank you so much for the waist up <3 I appreciate it a ton.

    If it isn't a hassle, would you be able to make Rayne's hair completely cover her right eye, and add her barbell piercing to her left ear (the one with two gauges)?
    Ki'ana looks so great in your style :3 If you don't mind, would you be able to add in some of the medium brown color in her hair to her right side (the side with the wine glass) of her hair? That color goes up to about where her bangs are and goes across them a bit, if that makes sense. Could you please color her fingernails green, add her belly button piercing and bracelets on her left (opposite side of the wine glass) wrist, and lighten the color of the gem in her choker? I also would like to ask if it'd be possible to maybe remove the line on her skirt indicating her crotch? The skirt looks a bit more like shorts because of it, I feel, but if it is a hassle to change at this point then it is no worries at all cx Please let me know if anything I'm asking for is too much, or if you have any questions as well!

    I can pay now if you're around. Feel free to mail me a junk item for 1.5mil and I will get the gold sent to ya as soon as I see it :D Thank you so much for the beautiful art!