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  • █ mochibi art shop [Alexina]

    @mochibi No worries! I think 4mil is a fine price for those cx I think I will hold off until I can get something more clean and shaded (similar to this or a shaded chibi) from you though if ever possible, since I don't have too much gold I can spend over on Ruairi. Feel free to let me know if the prices I offered were too low if that's the case, I can always see what I can do. But either way I will definitely keep an eye on here just in case! I hope you have a fun time drawing :3 Thank you
  • Bunira's Art Shop

    Wow, that cake looks delicious! ; u ; You did a wonderful job on the details on it. I want to eat it lol xD
    Would you be able to make her blush about two to three times larger, and make the buttons on her dress about two to three times larger as well please? c:
    And if possible, could you make the bow on her belt bigger and moved down a bit as well, where the knot of it and the loose ribbon ends are around the same size as her belt? It is meant to be like it is tied with the same fabric, if that makes sense so it would be around the same thickness and line up with the belt. These two pictures hopefully help show what I'd like:
    It's really looking gorgeous so far, thank you so much again for the WIP!
  • Artwork by Aaie (full)

    Hey there! I have a few OCs, if you'd be interested in drawing one of them?
    There are more references on each of their pages, if needed.

    But, if you'd only like to draw Mabinogi characters, here are my different outfits if you'd like to look through them and choose one. The ones closer to the bottom are themed around holidays, but you are free to draw one even if it isn't close to that holiday. If I can only suggest one, the one I would prefer is "Valkyrie, Lance Feather Outfit." c:

    Thank you for the opportunity! I hope you have a fun time drawing.
  • Sabina's Goodbye!

    I may have already missed my chance for you to see this, but I hope eventually you do.

    I wanted to say thank you Sabina for holding all of the events and contests that you did, and for being so prevalent in the community. I've never experienced something like this in any other MMO (probably not any other community either), and it was so nice to be able to interact in the community and to see you interact as well. It really was a wonderful time, and the contests you held were something fun that I could work toward and look forward to. I was going through a sort of rough time personally with not being able to creatively express myself through art due to health issues with my hand. This was something hard for me to go through, since art has been important to me my entire life and being able to create means a lot to me. The contests really helped me be creative in other ways and helped me feel like I had a reason to do so. I definitely hope that whoever steps up in your place can hold such exciting contests and events too, but I will always cherish the memories from the ones you put together. Those times really are dear to me and will make me smile every time I think back to them.

    I truly hope you enjoy what life has to offer you next. <3 Thank you so much.
  • (closed) ● Art Shop ● (Happy holidays everyone!)

    Wow, that one turned out lovely! Your painting abilities are great ; u ;