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  • [MARI] ♥ Kirara01's Art Shop ♥ [NX/GOLD/ITEMS]

    @Kirara01 Ah, that is adorable ; u ; Its wonderful, and my friend who owns Zora loves it too <3 Thank you so much!
  • Freebies anyone?

    Hey there! I hope you have fun drawing :3 I don't have any specific requests if you'd like to draw mine, feel free to have fun with it. I have a few OCs here, if you'd like to draw one Info and more pictures are on their individual pages.
    I'd prefer one of my OCs to be drawn if I had to choose, but if you're only looking to draw Mabi characters, here are my outfits if one interests ya The ones closer to the bottom are holiday themed, but you're free to draw them even if it isn't close to the holiday.
  • freebies thread

    Hey there! I hope ya have fun drawing :3
    I have a few OCs here if you'd like to draw one. More pictures and info are on their individual pages.
    Or if you're only looking to draw Mabinogi characters, these are my different outfits here if one interests you. The ones closer to the bottom are themed around holidays, but you're free to draw them even if it isn't close to that holiday.
  • (closed) ● Art Shop ● (Happy holidays everyone!)

    Hey there! I would be happy to do the gold transfer for you, I've been needing gold on Ruairi. c: I have never done one that hasn't been for art though, are you okay if we do 5mil at a time? I'd also like to order something from ya! I'd be interested in seeing what your sketches look like, but for now I will order a bust. I'd love to see WIPs please, if doable <3

    IGN to contact in Mari: Faiflowright
    Main server IGN: Nyaa (Alexina)
    Comm type: Bust up
    Payment: Gold, 5mil
    Chara's references: (up to you which of her outfits you draw, I have less art of the one with the skirt. Keep in mind that if you draw the one withe pants/vest, the tie is detachable and doesn't go around her neck like a real tie)
    Chara's personality: Its on her page too, but she is rather cocky, and has confidence in herself. Despite this, she is kind, caring, and pretty easy to talk to; she is the type of person you could lean on and go to for advice.
    Pose reference: Something like but frontal? Stretching from a long days work and looking pretty while doing so, maybe one eye open one eye closed and looking at the viewer.
  • Shop (moved)

    I would also be interested in getting something from ya, depending on prices/server. c: So long as there are slots still available.
    I believe there is still gold transfers for art, although I'm not sure if there is any gold transfer services for other purposes.