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  • Do away with gender restrictions.

    Kagenokami wrote: »
    I can agree. Having 1 set for male and female and being able to choose what version to wear regardless of character gender would be fantastic. Also...make flights unisex too. No reason I can't be lovey dovey with my bros.

    They already got rid of the gender restriction for marriage, surely they can remove this restriction as well.
  • Guild Revamp (We NEED Guilds to be worthwhile)

    Something similar to Guild Wars 2's Guild Hall system would be so awesome in Mabinogi, a huge homestead plot that you'd be able to customize with your guildmates to your hearts content, it'd be especially nice if you could have interior spaces too, like the leased Homestead home.

    There definitely needs to be more incentive to being in a guild, being able to offer buffs similar to the Doki Doki Island Harmony Torch but customizable to the guilds specific needs, if it's a guild that does a lot of combat you can select combat related buffs, if its a music guild you can offer music buffs, the list can go on and on.

    Honestly there's so much they could take from GW2 that'd add a lot more community to guilds besides being a glorified chatroom.

    Vaults would be so nice, sharing resources by donating items or gold into a centralized bank would be really sweet, in GW2 you can see a log of who deposited/withdrew things so there wouldn't be any ambiguity if something nefarious happened like theft.
  • Do away with gender restrictions.

    Get rid of the damned gender restrictions.
  • Additional Extra Skill Slots?

    I would love more of these, I personally use these extra skill slots for quick access to pets and it makes it much easier to use their summon abilities for crowd control, healing or just ease of access to their inventories/special effects in the case of the gathering pets.

    I've personally already fully filled out every slot, I think everyone would agree that having more UI space would be great.
  • Homestead Music Options

    I would love to see the Homestead system be updated to allow for customization and tweaking of the default music, being able to mute or change it to another track (similar to RuneScape's jukebox) would be a nice and welcome feature which would let players adjust the tone of their player space even more.