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  • Two events in a row, you're tricked to spend more.

    Before anyone asks, I am not talking about Gachapon or Reforging rates or whatever. I am talking about the information provided by Nexon, which is insufficient to minimize confusion and misunderstanding.

    Just some background: I am a CPA and internal auditor. I'm not saying this to brag or anything (I know it can come off as snobby), but because my job very seriously drives my opinion on this matter. One of the biggest roles of my job is to make sure that the business language used by businesses provide good and reasonable support for the customers and/or clients. In other words, I am the guy who checks whether or not things are stated clearly. (side note - I never care about my own grammar or whatever in social media or forums, too depressing to be in work-mindset during leisure. so yes I will have grammar mistakes here despite my job.)

    The recent language for two consecutive events have been very confusing and can easily mislead you. Specifically:

    1. During Fynni Sync, you will sacrifice 1 pet permanently. The text states that the pet will disappear, but it does not specify that the pet will disappear permanently. It is perfectly reasonable to assume the pet will disappear while Sync is active, but it is not always known that you cannot "un-Sync" a pet.

    2. The Reforging Tools are made available as of 7/23/2020, but the Reforging event does not start until Friday 7/24/2020 at 11AM PDT.

    So yeah, as stated above, these two situations have the potential for people to quite literally lose money they shouldn't have lost. The first thing you might ask is well, the text is there, it says it clearly, anyone who doesn't read it... that's their fault.

    That mindset is NOT best practice, and it is NOT sensible. For my job, I would perform an extensive test. What percentage of people will misunderstand? What percent failure is there? In this case, the "failure" condition would be if someone loses a pet they did not want to lose to Fynni Sync, or if someone uses a Reforging tool assuming that the increased Reforging rates are applied.

    Usually, a very low failure rate is expected, or it is considered a control failure. At least in my job, a customer-facing communication would require a 1% or less failure rate. Just looking through the various guild discords, community discords, forums, in-game chat, etc., I am seeing that people are confused. I have seen many people talk about how they lost a good pet or used reforges without knowing the event is inactive. While I'm not getting a clear representation of the overall failure rate and it's impossible for me to test it, seeing multiple occurrences in a short time frame is pretty much also indication of a high failure rate.

    To me, I don't care that people are failing because they are not reading carefully. It's not about that. It's about how many people are messing up. Doesn't matter how you do it - if it works for 99% of people, then it works. If it works for 85% of people, then it does not work, and 15% (a quite large portion) would be upset.

    SO TL;DR. The language that is used in these events makes it so that people have the potential to waste money. Saying that they should have read it or interpreted it a bit closer is the wrong approach, because more than an acceptable number of people have made the mistake. The goal is not to clarify for the majority, the goal is to clarify for everyone, at least to reasonability standards (which currently it is not). Everyone who is looking at the actual methodology of communication should be looking at actual failure rates instead. Yes you can blame them on being lazy or dumb for not reading, but it is entirely, quite literally both legally, ethically, and responsibly, the company's responsibility to fix it, not the person to become "more smart."

    Thanks for reading, sorry for ranting.

    EDIT: a bit more background - I did not lose a pet to Fynni Sync. I also did not suffer from the reforging tool situation. I'm just looking at this from my perspective.