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I'm a mess and have trouble talking coherently but if you're willing to ignore that then I hope we can get along!

    This comment section, and one other in general that I'm not going to name, reminds me why I took a small break from the social side of this game BESIDES opening semester insanity lol....
    I'm excited though. Looking at this, genuinely shows that whoever it directing on high right now really does actually care. I love it, and I'm super excited for these updates.
  • Beauty Storage SYSTEM!

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    I wish we were getting more hair colors tbh...

    is a good step though, Maybe that'll come in the future
  • Is Mabi even worth coming back to?

    Owntrolf wrote: »
    to talk to people sure, but the deeper you get in the game the more it drives you away due to being unrewarding
    Helsa wrote: »
    Asking the question in the forums introduces a sample bias, since folks who think Mabinogi is NOT worth playing are not likely to be active here.

    The fact that these two exist on top of each other lol

    Honestly whether or not the game's fun or worth coming back to really depends on you and what you think is fun. Personally I think its improved in a lot of ways, but I was also never an endgame player - nor will I be anytime soon. But the quality of life has been doing better lately imo, and there's still plenty for me to do on a regular basis when I've got time to game. So honestly I really think it depends on what you yourself enjoy doing.
    As for playerbase, despite what some people say, I do still see a decent number of activity on either server, even if Nao sees a lot more movement than Alexina. It might not be what it was several years ago, but its still reasonably active.
  • KR Update List

    I'll be interested to see how this works. I kinda hope the graphics improvement builds more on what we have as opposed to trying to make it 'realistic' - plenty of games for that, and I personally liked some of the simplicity of this one. Not to say I don't think it could stand some improvements, I just hope they don't take it too far the other direction.

    Definitely interested in some of the other stuff though....especially commerce lol
  • Apricot Blossom Box

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Ok, smoking opium is ok. Awesome.

    Seriously? Where in the post did you see that opium was implied, it's a game. The fact that you said this is so degrading, do better.

    To be fair, a pipe's a pipe, lol. Ya put SOMETHING in it, and it typically ain't anything good for one's health XD
    Yeah it ain't necessarily opium. Could even just be an empty decorative option, I haven't looked at the idle yet. But there aren't exactly many better alternatives. Things do have lingering impressions and connotations, whether intended or not.