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  • A Fresh Memory Celebration

    mereekoo wrote: »
    hi mabi just wanted to say i loving the new update for the memorial book quest ...but iv'e run into a bit of a wall i know i read that nexon has made this quest for older players to do this quest as well for the new ...but hears the thing iv gotten to the part about homesteads in the second book buuuuut because my homestead is already level 14 (i love my homestead what can i say) i cant you's the tree thing Blannid's gave me to you' i forever stuck or is there away around this cus i would rilly love to finish the books this time around ....TwT and get the full outfit set as well...iv already started this on my elf character ..but he's to weak to finish the beltean missions but i would rilly love to do this on my main character if i can

    So long as you put the plant down and then use the invite in your inv you should be able to get through that without any problems. I know I breezed right through it (homestead lvl 15 mate, love mine too (: ) Take a look at the book again and make sure you've followed all the steps. The invite will be in your Me tab if I remember right.
    You also don't have to complete the Baltane mission, you can leave it right after you enter.
  • A Fresh Memory Celebration

    Kinda mixed feelings about the skill rank ups I got from this, after completing third memoir. Like on the one hand that's a heck of a lot of grinding and quest running I was just saved the time and trouble of doing, but in a way I feel oddly cheated of things to do? Really strange feeling, one I'm pretty sure is a just-me thing too, but yeah. Huh XD
    Though I definitely don't feel bad about the chain skill one that made me run after Rua. Friggin heck that creature is hard to pin down XD

    I do feel accomplished though and fired up for completing the fourth book. I like a lot of the changes done, this was pretty fun~
  • Isn't the paper flipping challenges too hard vs jo

    Is this the 16th one? I kinda imagine it'll take a golden tile after the last ones - not that I'm not gonna try, but after the third one I can guess what its gonna be.
    I imagine it'll probably take as close to a perfect run as possible, but using Def to up the tile's Atk has been winning most of my battles when I can land that perfect run. Basically just def, atk, def, atk. I dunno if it'll help, but that's the strat that's been working for me so far.

    Learned it from a passing Kiwi, actually. Obnoxious, strutting little thing, and probably the only thing in this game I have consistently lost to and have yet to defeat when I see it XD But its worked like a charm so far.
  • Alexina is basically dead

    Same song second verse, same as the first.

    I personally an opposed to merging again, at least at the given moment, in part because I don't think everyone - or enough people - is prepared for that yet, and I'm not yet convinced they'll do it better considering some of the still-lingering issues after the merge. And its been how long now?

    Nao definitely has a more active running population at the moment, I can say that with certainty after making a character a few weeks ago. The lag in the shopping channel reminds me of the old days where I had to minimize EVERYTHING graphics-wise to stay on said channel back when my computer was a potato (y'all mind if we spread out a bit into Belvast again, ease up the Dunby lag? Lol). I've seen a fair portion of people running around as well (except for shadow missions, funny enough. I can't think of a time yet where I haven't had to wait a long time to get a party on Nao yet).
    I've seen a reasonably healthy number of shops open on Alexina's ch1, however, when I get on. Typically at least half the space gets used with a few people hanging around on the corners of the other half, or at least that was the case a couple weeks ago, before semester finals started for me, so I've been on a bit less. A lot of the activity seems to depend what time of day one's around as well. I'm not saying its perfect, but I think there's still enough people running around to count as 'alive'. The problem is finding the active ones from the afk-ers.

    Its not great by any stretch, but I don't think its at the stage I would call it 'dead' yet. I'd say we're still treading water decently well. That's just my opinion on it. But there are some technological things I would like worked out for certainty before they even consider trying to merge again, both for Alexina's sakes and so Nao doesn't have a round 2 of nightmares.
  • A Fresh Memory Update Preview

    Not gonna lie...very mixed feelings about these weapons and things not being tradable. I think I can understand to a degree, but...well, I guess I'll just wait and see what happens...